150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

• Using all library databases available to you, locate a journal article that relates to school leadership. Read it carefully and reflect on it, then follow the rubric to help craft your critique.
• Articles should not be older than two years old.
I have also attached the readings from this module that may be helpful to this
**** It can NOT be on Roland, E. (2018). Understanding intersectionality to promote social justice in educational leadership: Review of JCEL cases. Intersections: Critical Issues in Education, 2(1), 3-18


ED603 Leadership for Enhanced Student Achievement Module 4 11/4 – 11/10


Module Overview

In this unit students will understand the importance of collaboration.

Module Goals

During this module, students will:

  1. Recognize the importance of collaboration with families and community
  2. Understand the importance of responding to diverse community interests and needs
  3. Mobilize community resources


Module Activities

Please progress through this module as follows:

From the Preparing for Educational Leadership textbook, read Chapter Four (pages 43-56)

Click the Discussions link located on the Course Menu and follow the instructions to participate in the Discussion Board #4 activityPlease reply to at least five of your peers’ posts using the ABC Approach.

View the videos and links within the module and reflect on the importance of collaboration at all levels within a school setting.

Click the Assignments link located on the Course Menu and follow the instructions to complete the Article Critique #3.

Click the Assessment link located on the Course Menu and follow the instructions to complete the Mid-Term Exam.

Reminder: Continue implementing the intervention for the K-12 Student Case Study, as it is due in Module 7.


Cultivating Collaboration: Don’t Be So Defensive! Jim Tamm TEDxSantaCruz –

Ever see red? It’s called being defensive, and turns out, it is the single greatest inhibitor to true collaboration. Jim Tamm shares years of experience in getting out of the red zone and cultivating a “green zone” attitude.



Why Collaboration Is An Individual Effort: Emily Eldridge at TEDxMU –

Understanding personalities, people, and their individual needs is essential to collaboration and good teamwork. Indeed, Emily shows us that there is an “I” in “Team,” and that the individual has a lot of power in an over-connected world.



Taking the Doors Off the Classroom Through Collaboration –

Isolation can be a side effect of becoming a teacher. It is very easy to get caught in the trap of walking into a classroom, shutting the door, and tending to your own students. This is how many schools function, with educators sharing nothing more than a parking lot. Some people like it this way, but an effective teacher is someone who wants to grow in the profession. An effective teacher wants collaboration.



The Meaning of Education Collaboration –

What does collaboration in education really mean?


The above is not course’s link, that did not work but googled and found this


The Power of Collaborative Learning –



Education – Collaboration –

As we educate our students for the 21st century, we must teach them some vital skills to succeed. This video explains what collaboration is and why it important for both teachers and students to collaborate more in and outside of the school setting.



There is no competition, it’s all about collaboration –



Short Video on Teamwork and Collaboration –



Froggie Story Team Building Corporate Short –



(Updated) Lessons From Geese –

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.