Aanalysis of the strategic drivers and stakeholder groups

Aanalysis of the strategic drivers and stakeholder groups 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch
  • Choose an organisation for which you can obtain its 5 most recent annual reports.
  • In the form of a management report, conduct a critical analysisin which you clearly identify the key strategic drivers for your chosen organisation, based upon your research and analysis of the available information.
  • Explain how these strategic drivers (external, internal, and competitive factors) have changed over the past 5 years, and give specific examples of how changes in these factors have impacted upon the strategy of the organisation (on strategic direction, organisational purpose, organisational structure or other critical themes).
  • Your report should also explain how the strategic driversidentified in your analysis might contribute to pressures or tensions between different stakeholder groups. This will require a detailed stakeholder analysis using appropriate techniques.
  • Your report should conclude with a critical evaluation of how the organisation’s internal strengths and weaknesses are currently positioned in relation to the strategic drivers you have identified in your analysis, and you should also present a series of strategic optionsthat managers of the organisation could consider to mitigate threats or maximise opportunities. This final section will require a detailed SWOT/TOWS analysis.
  • Your analysis of the strategic drivers and stakeholder groups should be based upon appropriate analytical tools, models and theoriescovered in the module and any additional reading of the strategic management literature that you may have undertaken in addition to the annual reports of your chosen organisation. We expect that you will conduct supplementary research using newspaper articles, journals, websites, industry reports etc. upon which to base your analysis.
  • Reports that do not make extensive reference to academic models and theories shall not attract a high mark. Reports that are devoid of academic models and theories shall fail.


  • 10% of the assignment marks will be allocated to the standard of referencing in your report, and a further 10% of the marks will be allocated for communication and presentation.
  • A penalty of 10% (i.e. one grade) will be applied to reports that fall outside the word limit of 3500 words (+/-10%)
  • Executive summary, figures, tables, figure legends, reference lists and Appendices do not count towards word count. We ask that you limit any Appendices to a maximum of 20 pages. Please include a statement of word count on the cover sheet of your report, as well as a Turnitin report.

Tips for completing the assignment (1)

  • “Management report”.

–         Cover sheet

–         Title page

–         Executive summary

–         Table of contents

–         List of figures/tables

–         List of references as per Harvard style

  • Number your pages!

–         Minimum font size of 12pt, one and a half line spacing.

  • Brief introduction, typically containing a brief description of the organisation under study, then the main part of your report, and rounded off by a conclusion in which you clarify the main strategic drivers.
  • The question asks you to generate strategic options
  • References
  • Analysis using appropriate frameworks and tools – these should be presented as Appendices, and you should cross reference these in your main text.
  • However, make sure that the OUTCOMES of your analysis are described and discussed in the main body of your report.
  • Tables and figures should be given a title (e.g. Figure 1. Value Chain Analysis of Company X), as well as a source (e.g. “source: author” or “source: Company X Annual Report 2014”)
  • Avoid informal language or contractions (e.g. shouldn’t, hasn’t).
  • Write in the third person - please don’t use “I” or “we”.