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Acquisitions and alliances are strategic alternatives for the leadership of companies, firms, corporations, and organizations in addition to a range of other governance models. An alliance occurs when a new company gets formed after two previously existing ones come together, while acquisition occurs when an acquiring company gets a controlling share in a different company, and it gets established as the new proprietor of the company. While reasons for an acquisition or alliance are named as diversification into new markets and products, acquiring particular knowledge, and getting access to intellectual property rights, the main reasons are economic, strategic, and financial growth (Zhou, 2011). According to Dyer, Kale, & Singh (2004), before a company decides to acquire or alliance, there are five factors to consider. They list these factors as types of synergies, nature of resources, the level of competition, and extent of redundant resources. This article focuses on the acquisition of Big Sky Brewery by Craft Brew Alliance.

Background Research on Craft Brew Alliance and Big Sky Brewery

Craft Brew Alliance is one of the largest brewing company in the United States. It is the fifth largest company in branding, brewing, and marketing beer. Craft Brew Alliance, founded in 2008, after the merging of Redhook Brewery and Widmer Brothers Brewing. This merging had the aim of meeting market demand for their products. In 2010, a Hawaii-based Brewery, Kona Brewing Company, established in 1994 joined the Alliance of the two companies. Another brewing company, Appalachian Mountain Brewery, established in Boone, North Carolina also joined the alliance in 2014. They brew brands such as Widner Brothers Brewing, Redhook, Omission Beer and several other. Neal Leathers, Brad Robinson, and Bjorn Nabozney are the founders of Big Sky Brewing Company located in Missoula, Montana. It is the largest brewery in Montana, and they brew Big Sky beer, Moose Drool beer, Scape Goat beer, Summer Honey beer, Powder Hound beer, and Trout Slayer Ale.