ADM 1100 / 1300: Introduction to Business Management

ADM 1100 / 1300: Introduction to Business Management 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

For this individual report, you will be required to do a complete analysis of a management issue that focuses on all aspects related to the four management functions. You will be required to provide a minimum of two alternatives to remedy the management situation, detail recommendations, and provide possible implementation ideas.
The written report will be due in class on XXXX. The following is additional information on all aspects of the project. Management Issue: You must select from one of the following broad management issues in the current business environment:
1) Recruiting and retaining millennial talent in Canada
2) NAFTA negotiation and its impact on Canada (an industry/ company within Canada)
3) Accessing and using data available through social media
4) The future of business with adoption of AI / machine learning
5) Creating entrepreneurship hub opportunities within Ottawa (think companies/ industries at Invest Ottawa)
6) Creating a sense of organizational culture within an organization
7) Other – request must be submitted to the Professor for approval by October 5th, 2018. Your request must relate to the course content, be compelling enough to warrant approval, and be sufficiently detailed.
From these broad issues, you can then narrow your focus. This would mean focusing on a particular industry or company.
Key Areas to cover for written report:
1) Title Page
a. Include title of paper, course title and code, student name and number, and date.
2) Executive Summary of the report (1 page – single spaced)
a. Key overview of the entire analysis to follow.
3) Background on issue (4 pages)
a. Give some context to your report through a background of the issue.
b. Outline key areas of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling as it relates to your issue and subsequently on the industry or organization.
4) Problem identification(1 page)
a. What is the main problem you see with your industry or company as it relates to this management issue?
b. What are key implications to the industry/ company if nothing is changed?
5) Possible alternatives to solve the Problem (4-5 pages)
a. Assess at least two possible alternatives to solve the problem you’ve identified.
b. Description: You should provide a description of how the alternative suggested can solve the problem you’ve identified. Then, this should be followed by a few sentences which contain the theory or concept supporting
the chosen alternative. The following sentences should describe how the theory or concept could be practically applied to the particular problem at hand. This will allow you to apply material from the course to this real-life
business issue.

c. Pros and Cons: This section is a basic comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the alternative put forth as a prospective solution to the problem identified.
d. Analysis: In this section, it is important to weigh the pros and cons, and evaluate the applicable consequences. You must tie the alternative back to the primary problem and the situation presented. You must conclude each
alternative presented with a judgement as to whether or not it will solve the problem presented. Is it the most effective way to solve the problem? Will it solve the problem without creating new ones? Are there options available that are more viable or feasible?
6) Recommendation(s) (2 pages)
a. Select the alternative or combination of alternatives that best solves the problem you have identified.
b. Assess why this is the best alternative over other alternatives you have identified.
c. Provide a forecasting look at how this solution will help either the industry or organization to which you have focused.
7) Implementation ideas (2-3 pages)
a. Outline how your recommendation theories, concepts and ideas can become a reality.
b. Identify timeframes including immediate, short-term, and long-term.
c. Provide an overview of the potential costs associated with your implementation and who are the key stakeholders where appropriate.
8) Spelling ,Grammar, and Format
a. Please ensure you proofread the report several times before submission.
b. The report should be a maximum of 20 pages, using 12pt font, and 1.5 line spacing. Please ensure to include a bibliography.
c. Main headings indicated in this guideline should be used.