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No outside source needed but the text.
What do the concluding details of “The Dead” indicate about Gabriel’s relationship to Ireland and Irish culture? Does Gabriel have an epiphany or change of heart, and if so, what kind? Or, do you see Gabriel remaining fundamentally unchanged in relation to Irish culture, or perhaps only partly or superficially changed? The logic of this question necessarily means looking at where Gabriel “is” earlier in the story regarding this issue, deciding what triggers any realization(s) he might have, if any, and specifying what exactly he comes to realize (again, if anything). This topic requires focusing on the ending section of the story as well as gathering some evidence from earlier scenes or episodes. Like question 1, there are so many interpretative pathways here, so your job is to commit to the one you feel you can argue in the strongest way and support it well.

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Gabriel Conroy is a college teacher, a book reviewer and a writer for The Daily Express (Joyce 6). Gabriel’s relationship to his mother country, Ireland, and his culture was not as strong as that to the west. Gabriel with the different positions that he holds sees the other characters who come from rural Ireland and raised in the Irish culture as inferior. He treats Gretta, his wife, who comes from Galway, West of Ireland, as ignorant. He is puzzled when he sees her standing on the stairway, listening to The Lass of Aughrim a song played by Mr. Bartell D’ Arcy. After they arrive in their hotel room, Gabriel tries to give sexual advances to his wife, but she does not respond back as his expectations of an ignorant Irish woman.

In the conversation with his wife, Gretta opens up to Gabriel about a past lover, Michael Furey, who she believes died for her, “I think he died for me” (Joyce 21). Gretta was to live Galway and go to Dublin but Michael, who was sick at the time had to see her at her grandmother’s house in Galway. The sick Michael was exposed to the cold of winter and died later after Gretta his lover left Galway. He died at a young age, seventeen years old. Gabriel finds this confession shocking. He did not expect such from an ignorant Irish woman and her culture as he saw her. Gabriel had a weak view of Irish people and their culture.