Analyze the theme of identity in Monstress

Analyze the theme of identity in Monstress 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch
Background: During this module, we have built upon on our knowledge from the first unit on defining what literature is by analyzing how graphic novels are also a form of literature. In graphic novels, the characters Maika struggle with identity issues as they navigate their societies and their powers.

Grading: Worth 150 points

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Your Task: In a 2-4 (approximately 500-1000 words) page paper,

Topic: Analyze the theme of identity in Monstress.


· I suggest using your discussion forum posts to help you write this paper!

· You must use 3 quote sandwiches from the primary reading (Monstress volume 1 : awakening)

· You must use 2 quote sandwiches from f the secondary reading (“‘Monstress’ Inside the Fantasy Comic about Race, Feminism and the Monster Within” by Graeme McMillan ( 


· A minimum of 5 quotes sandwiches from the readings total, spread throughout your body paragraphs. Please do not put all of your quotes in one body paragraph, the introduction, or conclusion. Quotes need to be spread out!

· Parenthetical/In-text citations for every quote

· Analysis to explain your quotes and connect back to your thesis. (I want your opinion!)

· This is not a personal narrative. Do NOT use the first person pronoun (I or we).

· Create an introduction that includes: an attention grabber, context/background, and ends with a thesis.

· Thesis and topic sentences that are arguable (I want your opinion!)

· Paragraphs that follow that are structured with topic sentences, quotes, and analysis (you might want to follow the PIE or TEA models if you know them though this is not required).

· Sophisticated, smooth transitions between your paragraphs

· A conclusion that wraps-up your argument.

· Syntactically mature, grammar-free sentences.

· MLA works cited page (if you need help with MLA citations, click here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). Without MLA citations, your paper will fail. I may fail your paper without a works cited page.

· Writing that is free of plagiarism.

Formatting: (Click here to see more information on the syllabus)

· One-inch margins

· 12 point font

· double-spaced

· Standard font: Palatino, Times, Times New Roman, Arial, etc. (please do not use Courier or Courier New)

· MLA header (see the syllabus under “Visual Formatting for Essays and Homework)

· MLA page numbers (Last name and page number on every page)

· Works Cited Page (click here for help) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.