Article Review: “Peculiarities of Business Process Management When Developing Quality Management System in Organizations”

Article Review: “Peculiarities of Business Process Management When Developing Quality Management System in Organizations” 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


A critical discussion of 2-3 key issues raised in the article. This section is the core of your review, 50-60%. You need to make clear the author’s own argument before you criticize and evaluate it. Also you must support your criticisms with evidence from the text or from other writings. You may also want to indicate gaps in the author’s treatment of a topic; but it is seldom useful to criticize a writer for not doing something they never intended to do.
a final evaluation of the overall contribution that the article has made to your understanding of the topic (and maybe its importance to the development of knowledge in this particular area or discipline, setting it in the context of other writings in the field).
Makes clear the author’s argument.
Support criticisms of the article with evidence from text or other writings.
How article has assisted with personal understanding the topic
How the article has contributed to the overall impact in small business
Provides recommendations on how the concepts in the article could be utilized with a small business.
Clear with no grammatical mistakes.

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Author’s argument

Total Quality management is the process of maintaining approaches that help organizations achieve the long-term success through satisfied customers. In a TQM, the members of an organization participate in improving products, services, processes and the culture. The strategies, effective communication, data from research integrate the management discipline into organizational activities. The concepts appear in Quality Management Systems in the modern business environment. The TQM process must involve all the employees working towards the set goals and objectives (Neely, Gregory and Platts, 12).  Employees must commit their efforts in the workplace and achieve the best in the delivery of service. The high-performance working system assists in integrating continuous improvement effort in the organizational activities. The organization should allow self-management as part of motivation and empowerment.

The TQM focus on organizational thinking processes. Processes transform inputs into output delivered to the customers. The organizations carry out performance measures to guide the organization against risks and expected variation.  The organizations employ integrated horizontal, vertical and other systems in TQM. The process must bring an understanding of mission and vision and guiding principles, critical process and objectives of the organization.  The business systems incorporate such standards such as ISO 9000. The integrated system helps organizations to improve employees, customers, and all stakeholders continually. The systematic and strategic approach help in planning and strategic management thus integrates quality as the fundamental component.

Support Criticisms of the Article

Today, the business environment is highly competitive. The traditional organizational management approaches are not considered appropriate strategy in these settings.  In recent years, the database management system development, office automation, interment technology encourages the managers to apply them in safeguarding interests of the company. Besides, the company using the modern technologies and performance management gains competitive advantage and customer satisfaction (Oakland 45). The Performance management is an important decision tool for the managers.