Aspects of project management (PM) application in the field of medical product development (MPD)

Aspects of project management (PM) application in the field of medical product development (MPD) 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

The term paper can address any aspects of project management (PM) application in the field of medical product development (MPD) and management area that impacts, either directly or indirectly, any of its industry’s internal/external stakeholders.

The assignment will be graded on organization, thoroughness, insightfulness of analysis/recommendations and written communication skills. It should focus primarily on managerial analysis.

It should be 10-14 pages excluding Table of contents, references, figures and tables.


It should contain minimum 14 sources out of which 4 from non-website sources (the sources may be found online but not solely published as web page. At least 3 from the research articles.


Creating the Outline of the term paper report

As much as possible, the general flow of term paper should follow the format. It should cover all three parts.


Part 1- Describing the research question

Begin your paper by introducing the issue being addressed by this Project management application in Medical Product development context. Include the answers to the following questions

  • What MPD-related issue is being addressed or solved by this PM application?
  • Why is this issue important to address?
  • What non- PM technique(s), such as SOP, have been or are currently being used to address this issue?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the non-PM technique(s)?


Part 2-Applying PM tools and techniques

Describe how PM is being used to address the issue and how it is implemented.

  • What is the goal of applying these PM tools and techniques? how will applying these PM tools and techniques solve or partially solve the issue being described in part 1?
  • What internal and external organization factors help support application of these PM tools and techniques?

What factors are barriers to such application?

  • How do these PM tools and techniques need to be adjusted, if so, to better adapt in MPD context? How does this relater to solving the issue described in Part 1?


Part 3 – Analysis and evaluation of the PM application

Many PM applications IN MPD context have offered mixed results in terms of organizational performance. Proponents and opponents cite different evidence and draw different conclusions. In this final section you will analyze these arguments and express your opinion about whether you think this PM application should be used to solve this MPD issue. You are trying to persuade the reader of your view using evidence and logical arguments

  • What are the advantages of using PM approach?
  • Who has made these claims about the advantages?
  • What evidence is there for these advantages?
  • Do you believe this evidence and their conclusion? Why and why not?
  • What are managerial implications/considerations when applying these PM techniques in this MPD context? (provide at least 2)
  • Who is affected by these implications/ considerations? In what capacity>
  • What kind of evaluation criteria are they using in determining these considerations?
  • Do you agree or disagree with these implications/considerations?
  • How does the PM techniques compared to non-PM technique you discussed at the beginning of the term paper?
  • What is your overall opinion of using this PM applications in this MPD context? Should it be applied?
  • Explain your reasoning, including the kind of evaluation criteria you are using in forming your opinion.


Format: 1.5 spacing, 12pt. Times New Roman font, with I inch- margins.