Assessment 2: Balancing competing interests:  the case of SPC Ardmona

Assessment 2: Balancing competing interests:  the case of SPC Ardmona 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Assessment 2: Group Case Study Analysis (Group Report): Imagine you are working at the FairWork Commission in the office of the President, Justice Iain Ross AO.  Justice Ross has asked you and your team to write a report on one of the recent industrial disputes that has impacted on Australian Employment Relations – the SPC Ardmona dispute.

Due Date: 14 October 2018 by 11.55pm

Allocated Marks:  30% 

Group size:  3 students per group

Word count:  1200 words per student, approximately 3500 words per Group Report (not including references)

Your report will form the basis of a lecture he is giving a LaTrobe University, entitled: ‘Balancing competing interests:  the case of SPC Ardmona’.

Your team should undertake extensive research from academic journals, books, industry sources and the media and write a Report which addresses the following issues and questions:

  1. What was this industrial dispute about?  Provide background information to the factors that lead to the dispute if necessary and explain how the dispute unfolded;
  2. What were the environmental factors contributed to the dispute?
  3. Analyse the dispute from the point of view of three relevant stakeholders or actors in the dispute – the employer, the employees and the Federal Government.  What did they hope to achieve throughout this dispute?  What strategies or tactics did they use to forward their case.
  4. How was the dispute resolved?  Do you think this was an effective resolution for all stakeholders?

To assist you in your research, consider the following sources:

  • ABC ‘Fact File’ see
  • R.B. Sappey, G. Maconachie, J. Sappey and S. Teo (1999) ‘Work Intensification and Social Relations: A study of enterprise agreements in the Queensland food processing industry’, International Journal of Employment Studies, 7(1): 105-124.
  • M Fastenau (1998) ‘The SPC Dispute: A Case of Manufacturing Conflict?’, International Journal of Employment Studies, 6 (1): 103-126.

One student per group should submit the assignment via the LMS, on behalf of their group.  The file should be labelled in the following way:  MGT2EMR_Submitter’sSurname_Submitter’sID.docx (for example, MGT2EMR_ Smith_1234567.docx).  It is extremely important that only one group member submit the assignment, so please ensure that you plan accordingly.

All references material must be appropriately cited in the text of your Report. Include a separate reference section that includes the full citation information. Select a referencing style you are comfortable with, and apply it consistently throughout the report. Note that Wikipedia and similar websites are NOT acceptable sources for this assignment.

Your Report must be typed and have standard margins on all sides. Double-spacing is preferred.

It is essential that your Report be written in a neat, professional, and engaging manner. Check your writing for accuracy in spelling, grammar and punctuation. Convey your ideas in a clear, concise manner, and use appropriate transitions between ideas and sections. La Trobe University has many resources to help you develop your writing skills. Please see the Subject Coordinator or your tutor if you need help.

Please remember that the University takes a very serious view with regard to plagiarism, and you are strongly advised to read the University’s policies on academic integrity. Please be aware that plagiarism is a form of serious academic misconduct and will be penalised accordingly. Plagiarism detection and prevention software (i.e., Turnitin) is used to aid in identifying possible incidences of plagiarism in written assignments.

Extensions will only be given in documented cases of severe illness or emergency, and will be managed through the University Special Consideration process. Such applications must be accompanied by documentation (i.e., doctor’s certificate) and be submitted prior to the due date. Please contact the subject coordinator if you require further information.

Reminder:  Each group is required to submit one assignment to the Turnitin link below.  Please nominate one group member to undertake this task on behalf of the group.  It is very important that only one student from each group makes the submission.

Here is a possible approach to the question

The SPC Adrmona dispute is one of many cases involving the impact of globalization. Although some experts claim cheap Chinese imports are the cause, many believe the company’s problems started when it tried to form a new enterprise bargaining agreement that would improve the position of the company from the employer’s point of view. From an employer’s point of view, one factor that led to the dispute was that what the company was offering was in excess from the benefits of the award. It provided its workers more allowances, excellent conditions for sick leaves, among others, putting the company at risk of business closure. According to ABC (2016), the Rudd government had promised $25 million to help the company modernize its operations and compete effectively against cheaper Chinese products. However, the next government led by Tonny Abbot failed to honor this promise. They hoped the deal would help the company keep its business open, being the biggest fruit processing company in Australia.

According to the Federal Government’s point of view, another factor that led to the dispute was that the national and liberal parties fueled the debate involving the rights of workers, as well as the management of their employment terms and conditions. SPC Adrmona, according to ABC, had forwarded their complaints to the government about existing unfair competition in imports. It was difficult for the company to form the enterprise bargaining agreement given its market share and position. SPC Adrmona was pressed by the Abbot government to renegotiate the award because what they the company was offering its workers was more than the help it requested (ABC, 2016). Serving as the only fruit processing company in Australia was a privilege under threat from Chinese and Bangladeshi importers. The dispute is an example of what happens when an organization refuses to adjust its compensation policy to meet market conditions******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Get a copy of this assignment written from scratch by one of our highly professional writers. Click the link given below