Assignment 1: The Mass Media and the Definition of Deviance

Assignment 1: The Mass Media and the Definition of Deviance 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


  • Watch this video:
    2)Your Task: In no more than 750 words, double-spaced APA format, please address/ answer the following questions in an essay format—–> Based on this video is this deviance on television justified?
    Provide a brief summary of how deviance behavior is portrayed in the video by giving specific examples of the event; conversation; dialogues; action etc.
    Is this example(s) you provided is this deviance celebrated or condemned in society?
    How does it make you feel to watch the program?
    What effect does the clip/show have on viewers?
    Do you think the program serves to reinforce or challenge prevailing social norms?
    3)Rubric: Your assignment will be graded based on the following—–> Organization: Demonstrates an in-depth understanding and clarity of deviance concepts and ideas.
    Analysis: Main idea is explained in clear and concise manner.
    Application: A clear connection to practical and real-world settings is presented.
    APA Style and Grammar: Follows APA writing style and basic rules of formal English grammar and written essay style (please cite video)

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The mass media has a direct relationship with propagating deviance. The media has taken a front line in propagating deviance and considering the impact as predominance of the media in the modern culture. It is evident from that the media propagates different type of deviance both justified and unjustified (Complex-News, 2017). For example, looking at the video the deviance displayed on the different reality television series was really unjustified and uncalled for because it could have been avoided.  In a society that values peaceful conflict resolution the deviance is unjustified because it propagates a negative image about the reality television programs. Such deviance should be condemned in the strongest terms possible because it champions for violence as a way to resolve conflicts.

Reality television series are known for dram and at times their high pitched drama overflows.  For example, in the reality Television series the Real Housewives the barbs turn in to blows and brawls and it is evident the producers of the program keep the cameras rolling to capture the action. It is evident that the producers played a part in encouraging the chaos which comes in form of verbal and even in extreme cases physical violence.  The altercations are filmed and become part of the reality show making reality televisions one of the popular media that is riding on abuse (Complex-News, 2017). In reality televisions it is evident that punching somebody and other forms of violence are no longer choreographed but that are part of the classic production.  For instance, in the reality program Love & Hip Hops of the new world shows how iconic brawls and fights stood out with much hair pulling and spitting which is unjustifiable.