Branch History (US Army, Field Artillery) and Battle Analysis Methodology on the Battle of Stalingrad

Branch History (US Army, Field Artillery) and Battle Analysis Methodology on the Battle of Stalingrad 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

The essay focuses on branch history of the US Army Field Artillery and the heritage of the branch. The context for the essay illustrates the applications of military history to training and leadership and a sense of branch significance.

Essay Guidelines:To be written in APA Format, with a main body of 3-5 pages in length (length does not include title or reference pages). Essay should include the following, in order:

1. Title Page - not to contain an Abstract
2. Header, with the title of the paper in all caps and page number (The words “Running Head” will appear before the header title on the title page only).
3. 3-5 page main body that begins with an introductory paragraph and ends with a concluding paragraph.
4. Reference page with a minimum of three references.

General Guidelines:
- Conduct research from credible sources (Wikipedia itself cannot be considered a credible source)
- Typed out to be able to print on a standard white, 8.5 x 11-inch paper
- Double space the text of paper, using Ariel or Times New Roman with font size 12pt
- Leave two spaces after the end of each sentence
- Set the margins of the document to one-inch on all sides. Indent the first line of a paragraph on half-inch (five spaces or press “tab” once) from the left margin

Essay will be evaluated on content, use of active voice, structure, spelling, punctuation, grammar, and clarity

-Provide fellow students with a program of basic military heritage and history instruction that is sequential and progressive, including tools which may be used for continued professional development.
- Stimulate an interest in continuous study of military and branch history beyond the classroom through individual reading programs to assist future leaders in forming mature judgments about the profession of arms.
- To know and understand the evolution and historical contribution of the Non-Commissioned Officer in the US Army; the role of the NCO during the evolution of combined arms warfare; and the uses of history in military leadership.

Guidelines for the essay are as follows:
Write an essay on a topic concerning the Battle of Stalingrad related to the US Army Field Artillery discussing the history and the outcome or effect relative to what the branch had on that topic and how it relates to the evolution and contribution towards today’s military operations bring a historical perspective to contemporary military problems and leadership.