BUSINESS OPERATIONS AND SYSTEMS 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Dr Wilson Loh
ISSUE DATE: April 2018
HAND IN DATE: 09 June 2018, 2359HRS
Learning outcomes and pass attainment level:
Pass attainment level.
• You must demonstrate knowledge and a clear understanding of relevant concepts
and theories.
• You will demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge and link it to
practice to show insight to the real world situation.
• You must demonstrate the ability to synthesize material from a range of sources in
order to provide a critical analysis of key theoretical and empirical issues.
• Arguments should be effectively communicated, with a balanced structure to the
essay and appropriate referencing using the Harvard system.
Birmingham City Business School
BUS6012 Business Operations and Systems
Assignment 2018
This assessment constitutes 100% of the assessment for the module
This is an individual assessed assignment. There is no objection to students discussing the
content and approaches to be adopted but the final submission must be 100% your OWN
Dead line: 23.59 hrs, 09th June 2018 – The assignments should be submitted in hard
copies to Program Management team.
You must also submit assignment on Turnitin on or before the due date.
Please print a copy of your originality report and submit this along with your assignment.
All sources should be cited and referenced using the Harvard Referencing system. The
principles of the Harvard Referencing system are detailed in the leaflets available in the library.
You are NOT allowed to use the general internet references e.g., and Wikipedia etc. All references should be from the credible sources
e.g. books, refereed papers, articles, journals, magazines etc.
Your work should be referenced including in text referencing with appropriate literature
and form a logical and concise discussion.
Formative feedback given in seminars to help learners feed forward.
1. Use Arial 12 point font.
2. 1.5 line spacing or follow any set regulated spacing.
3. Ensure that there is good usage of grammar and correct spelling throughout.
4. Neatly present the final work.
5. Appendix not allowed.
Word Limit: 3,000 words ± 10%.
There are no extensions granted on the module. Any claim for extenuating circumstances
must be made through the official University channel. Read
Services/Complaints-and-Appeals for guidance.
Birmingham City Business School
BUS6012 Business Operations and Systems
Assignment 2018
NTUC FairPrice in Singapore
You may find the information for NTUC FairPrice (NTUC), in Keynotes in the Library, Company
reports, cases online, and the financial press. The literature sources should be books,
journals, refereed papers and appropriate online sources. You should find the sources of
information that you will use to deliver the three assessment parts. Your submission should
address the following 3 Parts:
Part 1
Using the specific operations performance objectives, it can be argued that NTUC is focused
on satisfying its customers’ requirements for flexible and dependable services at a
reasonable market price. Specifically you should:
• Outline the essential components for ‘effective business operations management’
(creating value for the customer) for NTUC’s operation within Singapore.
• Use a soft systems methodology to evaluate the issues NTUC might face if they decide
to introduce hybrid facilities to allow their customers to continue ‘order goods online
and have these delivered to the door. Support your discussion with appropriate
business operations models (i.e. operation strategy performance (priorities) model,
customer value, the service gap model, four v’s profile etc.).
1. You should start with what NTUC are doing well compare to the sector (why customers shop online at NTUC).
2. Research the problems they may face changing their business model (going hybrid – the change) using Soft
Systems Methodology (critical analysis of need/problem to be solved).
3. Support your discussions with appropriate operations models (quality/depth).
• You should compare and contrast different models used by the sector in which NTUC
operates and recommend appropriate solutions to continue being competitive in the
market, make easier for customers to select and buy their products (issues to consider
centralised/decentralised inventory and delivery chain, customer value chain, cost
implications, sustainability etc.).
• With reference to the parcel conundrum (
18709348) recommend how NTUC should respond to this conundrum (keeping in
mind the possible technological and environmental (CO2) impact).
4. Your academic enquiry should lead to synthesis of important issues around the problem and solution.
5. Critical analysis and evaluation of customer’s digital experience, how the new model will enhance the customer’s
6. Innovative ways to serve their customers better.
7. Consider the services which are unique and benefits to NTUC.
8. Consider customer value for shopping online and in sore (which market sector are they chasing by changing the
business model.
9. Comparison of different solution with costing and choose one solution to take forward with reasoning.
10. Following models not to be included in here Porter or SWOT you may use these for your own research.
11. Writing should be essay style (Synthesize) no bullet points, no graphs, no tables or pictures
12. Appendix no allowed.
Part 2
For the new system you should include Root Definition, CATWOE and produce a detailed
“Rich Picture” (hand drawn) to fully illustrate your answer. Your rich picture must indicate the
problems well as the solution. (Not included in the word count).
By means of a business process plan illustrate the changes including “AS IS” and “TO BE”.
Detailed explanations of both plans are required and support your discussions with relevant
literature. (Business process plans not included in the word count).
Tips: Structure for part two:
13. Rich picture (fully illustrating part one).
14. Root Definition (based on your chosen solution).
15. Table for CATWOE (this is to test the Root Definition).
16. “AS IS” process plan (include brief summer of the process plan).
17. “TO BE” process plan (include summery to explain the process plan)
18. Include these in the body of the assignment (follow the assignment structure)
Part 3
Discuss how the managers would turn performance objectives into operations priorities and
the resources that would be necessary for effective implementation of the new process (about
six hundred words).
19. This part should concentrate on the new solution only as discussed in part one and two.
20. Analyse the resources required and costs for implementing the new process (“TO BE” Business Process Plan.
21. Support your discussions with Performance Model, management of change etc. (not Maslow).
Using a Balanced Scorecard, discuss how the business performance can be measured post
implementation (refer to the last three years of company annual reports and any other relevant
data for improvement and target trends for NTUC). (Balanced scorecard charts are not included in word count
but discussion on each prospective is included, about hundred words for each prospective).
22. Balanced Scorecard is to measure the post implementation performance for the new process only.
23. Create Table for each prospective.
24. Under each table use the words to support your data, reference for the sources etc.
Your work should be referenced including in text referencing with appropriate literature and
form a logical and concise discussion.