Can you give me an example (include the URL) of some information you found on the internet that is absolutely untrue?

Can you give me an example (include the URL) of some information you found on the internet that is absolutely untrue? 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch




PSYC1001R iPSYC W2018 © Bruce H. Tsuji


PSYC1001R iPSYC Assignment

This document describes your iPSYC assignment in 3 parts. Part 1 describes what it is and how to do the assignment. Part 2 summarizes the grading of the assignment in a rubric. Part 3 lists the thirty-six questions from which you will pick one.

Part 1:

iPSYC is designed to provide practice following directions to write what might be one of your first university papers. You will be asked to synthesize some part of your life with course content and then communicate that clearly following APA format. The questions listed in Part 3 try to get you think about some aspect of your personal life and combine it with some part of our course. Pick one and try to find at least one reference that you can integrate into your discussion.

  1. Content:

This is a formal paper that demonstrates that you can synthesize your knowledge of some part of the course with real-life examples and/or aspects of your own life. It is also expected that you will start to demonstrate how to include references and put them into your own words and avoid plagiarism. For this assignment, you will not quote your sources. If you cite the work of journal articles or books or class lectures, you will put their ideas into your own words.

  1. Value:

From 0 to 10% of your final grade in PSYC1001R.

  1. Due date:

11:55pm on the date specified in the Course Outline & on cuLearn. If your paper is submitted in the 24-hours after the due date, you will receive no more than 5 marks. If your paper is submitted in the 24-hour period after that, you will receive no more than 2.5 marks. If your paper is submitted any time after that you will receive zero.

  1. Format:

400-1000 words in total. The word count includes your entire assignment from beginning to end. Use 12-point Times Roman font, double-spaced. Include a separate Title page (but part of the same file) with your name, ID, course number, date, and question number you are addressing.

  1. File name, File type:

Name the file “YourLastName_YourFirstName_PSYC1001R”. The file type must be .DOC or .DOCX or .TXT. If you are a Mac or Open Document user convert your file to .DOC or .DOCX or .TXT. Do not submit PDF or ODT or any other format. You will receive zero if the TA cannot open your file.

  1. References/Citation:

You are encouraged to use references in your assignment. These might include the text, lecture videos, and/or powerpoint, internet sources, or a journal article. The quality of your referencesr. will be a consideration in the grading of your paper. Identify or cite your source(s) using APA 2

PSYC1001R iPSYC W2018 © Bruce H. Tsuji


format as detailed at . List your references in a brief References section. For lectures use: Tsuji, B.H. (2018). Title of lecture powerpoint. Class notes in PSYC1001R, Carleton University. Downloaded on DD/MMM/YYYY.

  1. Quotations & Plagiarism:

Do not quote from any of your sources. Instead, put things in your own words. If more than 5 consecutive words are copied and pasted into your assignment from the internet, Wikipedia, text, journal, or any other source, this is considered plagiarism and you will receive zero. For details see

  1. Submission:

There is a “Draft” and “Submit” mode in the assignment Dropbox. Draft papers will receive a grade of zero. Make sure you Submit it properly.

  1. Writing Style:

How easily can your assignment be understood? Spelling and grammatical errors detract from what you are trying to communicate. Write formally but you may use the word “I”.

Part 2:

Your assignment will be graded according to the rubric provided below. Specific criteria
Quality of ideas. 4 marks Did you answer the question you selected? Did you clearly draw the links between specific aspects of course content and your personal experience? Are your ideas relevant? Did you consider one side of the issue or more? Was your answer feasible & believable? Do you cite one or more references? What is the quality of those references? Did you put ideas into your own words (good)?
Organization. 2 marks Is there a Title Page? Are there introductory & concluding sentences? Do paragraphs flow from one to another? Are there structure words like “for example” or “first” or “finally” to guide readers? Did you follow instructions for font, filename, and filetype? Is the total length of your paper between 400 and 1000 words?
Writing Style. 2 marks Are the sentences easy to read? Did you use APA format? Did you correctly cite your references? Did you list your references?
Grammar & usage. 2 marks Is your spelling & grammar correct? Do subjects & verbs agree? Are there run-on sentences or non-sentences? Is punctuation used correctly?
Due date Assignments submitted within the 24 hours immediately after the due date will be graded out of 5. Assignments submitted within the next 24 hours will be graded out of 2.5. Assignments submitted after that will receive 0.
Plagiarism Assignments with evidence of plagiarism will receive 0
Draft Assignments submitted only in “Draft” form will receive 0
Cannot open Files that the TA cannot open will receive 0