Case Study -  Mr Omar Banerjee (Stroke)

Case Study -  Mr Omar Banerjee (Stroke) 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Case Study -  Mr Omar Banerjee (Stroke). The case that we will be considering in the afternoon sessions of the module is related to a man who has suffered a stroke, called Mr Omar Banerjee. He is 58 years old of Indian heritage and a practising Hindu. He lives in Bristol with his wife Preeti, a housewife aged 56. He is the sole income earner and as he is a partner in a firm of solicitors he will only earn statutory sick pay. All their children are married with small children and living away from home: Ashok is 26 living in London, his eldest daughter Rani (30) lives in Bristol and works part-time. As well as having four children, she is recently divorced. Their youngest daughter Neela (28) lives in Manchester and has recently had a baby.

Preeti reported that the previous week, Omar had a funny turn at work.  He said he had pins and needles in his arm and he felt dizzy while he was in a meeting. His speech was a bit slurred but he carried on with the meeting and after about fifteen minutes, he felt alright again.  Preeti asked him to go to see the doctor but he thought he was just busy at work and promised he’d go to the doctor if it happened again.  She rang the GP to ask him to see Omar but they said they couldn’t.

The following weekend, all the family came over for a meal as it was Ashok’s birthday. Halfway through the meal, Omar suddenly started to drool.  He dropped his knife and fell back against the chair. Preeti asked him what was wrong but he couldn’t speak. One of the children immediately rang for an ambulance, which arrived six minutes later.

The ambulance personnel tried to get Omar to lift his arms up. They asked him what was wrong but he still couldn’t say anything.  The ambulance men said they thought it was a stroke, put him on a stretcher and put him in the ambulance.  One of his daughters, Rani, went with him in the ambulance, while Preeti and the rest of her family followed by car. When the ambulance reached the hospital, Omar was immediately taken for a scan; Rani wasn’t allowed to accompany him. The family  were able to see Omar when he came back from the scan. He still couldn’t speak; Preeti said that he looked really poorly and frightened and she just held his hand.

A doctor told the family that Omar had had a stroke. He said that Omar had a clot on the brain and they had given him something to get rid of it. Omar was moved to the Stroke Unit at the hospital, although he had to wait for a bed there until 8.00pm on the evening of the day he had the stroke. Ashok had to return to London for work, but Preeti and Rani are taking turns to sit with him during the day and during the evening visiting hours, even though it is difficult for Preeti to travel to the hospital, as she does not drive. The nurses have told her that she doesn’t have to come back every night but she feels that she has to be there.

It is two days since Omar’s stroke, and he is not allowed to eat or drink. They are going to put a tube down his nose tomorrow to feed him.  Preeti is really pleased about that, as Omar hasn’t had anything to eat or drink since Ashok’s birthday meal.