CCJ4934 Run. Hide. TELL or Run. Hide. FIGHT?

CCJ4934 Run. Hide. TELL or Run. Hide. FIGHT? 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

In the UK and the US, media campaigns are well-known about how to respond to an active shooter event. The advice in such a situation is to Run Hide Tell. A similar film released by the FBI in the US tells citizens to Run Hide Fight.

The first two elements of the advice share a broadly similar script. When faced with an active shooter you should:


If there is a safe route
Insist others go with you
Don’t let them slow you down
Leave your belongings behind

If you can’t run, hide
Find cover from gunfire
Lock the door and barricade yourself
Move away from the door
Be very quiet, silence your phone
The UK film starts with the caveat that: “Thankfully firearms and weapons attacks are very rare…”

The production values of the American video are way beyond the meagre budget of the UK police unit. The US film looks like an episode from the latest TV cop drama and is far more graphic. With the music pounding and throbbing a voice-over intones; “It may feel like just another day at the office, but occasionally life feels more like an action movie…” A gunman, dressed in black, is seen entering a work place and then mowing down office workers with a shotgun. It all looks frighteningly real.

The final piece of advice either to Tell (UK) or Fight (US) probably says as much about the cultural differences between our two countries as anything else.


Dial 999 only when you are safe
Give your location
Give as much information as you can
Stop others from entering the danger area

Attempt to incapacitate the shooter
Act with physical aggression
Improvise weapons
Commit to your actions
In some quarters, the British advice has been castigated as ‘limp’ and inadequate. An unnamed ‘security source’ told the Sunday Times the best thing to do is fight back. “If you run and you are discovered and you hide and you are found, the only thing you can do is fight,” he said. “If you are a cornered rat and you are about to die, what are you going to do? You have got to have a go. ‘Run hide tell’ — that’s not remotely helpful. You might as well ‘run, hide, die’, frankly.”

On the other side of the pond the FBI warns: “Unfortunately, you need to be prepared for the worst. As a last resort, if your life is at risk, fight. Act with aggression. Improvise weapons. Disarm him, and commit to taking the shooter down.”

Commenting on this UK police chiefs said: “There are no plans to adopt the ‘Run Hide Fight’ advice which is used in some other countries. The ‘Run Hide Tell’ mantra has been proven to save lives.”

It seems the US and the UK are two nations divided on counter-terrorism by more than just a common language.


Compare and contrast the United States’ RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. active shooter survival media campaign with the United Kingdom’s RUN. HIDE. TELL. active shooter survival media campaign.
Provide a 1-2 page essay answering the following questions:

What are the risks and benefits of the UK campaign vs. the US campaign?
Which film provides the best preparation for surviving an active shooter event?

Defend your answer using concepts and materials (e.g. Watch “Terror in Europe” first) we have learned throughout class.
Be sure to address ALL aspects of the question asked, and defend your position using citations from the material in APA format (No Abstract needed). You may also use outside sources that are peer-reviewed as well (not required).

UK Film.
US Film