CMRJ518 Deviant Behavior

CMRJ518 Deviant Behavior 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


  1. What is a social stigma? Is there a stigma associated with being homosexual in today’s society? Is a stigma different or the same as a deviant behavior? Where do you see us moving in the future on this point as a society? Explain.

    2. Do you find evidence that the variables closely related to sexual violence (aggression) are the same as the variables related to violence overall?

    All sources used should be peer reviewd and the essay should be no less than 550 words not inlcuding restating the question and reference.

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What Is A Social Stigma? Is There a Stigma Associated with Being Homosexual in Today’s Society? Is A Stigma Different Or The Same As A Deviant Behavior? Where Do You See Us Moving In The Future On This Point As A Society?

Social stigma is the severe disapproval of a person basing on social characteristics that are viewed as distinguishing features between them and other members of the group (Richardson & Monro, 2013). Social stigma can also be defined as situations that place their possessors as communally inferior or intolerable human beings away from the normal societal accepted individual. Social stigma is so deep that it overpowers positive feedback from the social circle regarding the manner in which the individual obeys other social norms. Without the society, stigmatization could not exist making it a social and dynamic relationship.

Homosexuality is a social stigma that is still prevalent in most states. Richardson and Monro (2013) write that today’s society continues to experience changes in cultural values, mindsets, and stereotypes however the belief towards homosexuality is still uncertain making the society be at crossroads. Different societies possess various reasoning on the issue of stigmatization of homosexuals. Although homosexuality is now legal in some parts of the world, negative attitudes and stigmatization continue to exist in other parts of the globe. Richardson and Monro (2013) state that the attitude towards homosexuals is unfavorable and is influenced by societal and religious norms since it is considered a forbidden deed.  Involvement of religion has been found to be one of the prime reasons leading to the negative attitudes. In today’s society, heterosexuals are seen to show anger and disgust response towards the homosexuals.

According to Ahmad and Omar (2014), deviance is a term used to refer to the forms of behavior and qualities of a person that other people in society discredit. It can also be any behavior that violates substantial social norms and as a result, is disapproved by a bigger number of people. Deviance is problematic because it leads to disruption, however, it is essential since it defines boundaries in a given society. From the definition, it is clear that stigma is the same as deviant behavior.