Critiquing Hypotheses and/or Research Questions

Critiquing Hypotheses and/or Research Questions 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Using the article you selected in Week One, use the criteria on page 130 of your text to evaluate the hypotheses and/or research questions in your selected article. You should cover each of the following topics. There is further information under each heading on page 130. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in APA format ensuring there is a title page, body of the paper and a reference page. You should have two or more scholarly references for your paper.

1) Are the hypotheses or research questions identifiable?

2) If there are hypotheses, are they worded in a manner that describes the expected relationship between variables?

3) If there are no hypotheses, is the absence of hypotheses justified?

4) If there are research questions, did the author(s) state them clearly and concisely?

5) How are the study variables defined and measured?

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Authors Lechner et al. wrote the article ‘The Mediating Role of Depression in the Relationship between Anxiety Sensitivity and Alcohol Dependence’.  The author tested alcohol addiction and its relationship with Anxiety Sensitivity (AS).  In particular, the research sought whether the AS Total and Somatic were mediated by depression. The article is written in clear and concise language understood by everyone. There is a clear hypothesis showing the prediction of the research findings. However, the article did not have direct research questions.

The hypothesis in the article clearly states that depression is an essential factor to be considered in the examination of the relationship between Anxiety Sensitivity (AS) and alcohol dependence.  Several studies tried to strongly associate AS to alcohol use. Further, the moderator and mediator frameworks have shown promise to dig deeper into the relationship (Lechner et al., 2014). The models conclude that the AS and alcohol relationship may be mediated by problematic coping motives. There are very studies have linked depression due to the alcohol problem.  The research by the authors sought to assess whether depression is a potential mediator between AS and alcohol use problem.

The hypothesis is directional as it states the null hypothesis is wrong and clarifies whether the true value of the parameter is greater or less compared to the reference value indicated in the null hypotheses. Direct hypotheses have an advantage due to lack of power to detect the particular effect, interest or findings in the research.  However, the hypothesis may not formal but it is justifiable. It might not be directly stated but the purpose statement implies and clearly shows the hypothesis. The data analysis part use collected data and tools despite the absence of the hypothesis.