Cultural Celebration Presentation

Cultural Celebration Presentation 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Advocates of multicultural education usually promote approaches that include more than just highlighting holidays. However, celebrations are a significant part of culture and should not be neglected when becoming familiar with various cultures.

For this assignment, you will select a culture or geographic area and choose one religious or cultural celebration to research. You will then create a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to showcase that celebration (use whichever program you are more comfortable with).

Examples: Chinese New Year, Boys or Girls Day in Japan, a coming-of-age ceremony in a Native American culture, Day of the Dead or Quinceanera in a Latin American culture, Divali or festival of lights in India, Kwanzaa or Juneteenth as an African American celebration, Ramadan, Passover, Anzac Day in Australia or New Zealand, wedding celebrations or funeral customs in almost any culture. (Because the dominant culture in our society is primarily Anglo-European, I have not included holidays that are primarily of European origin. You may certainly choose a celebration not listed here. If you do, please email for approval.)

Please choose a cultural celebration about which you are relatively unfamiliar. For example, if you follow Islam, please do not choose Ramadan. Or if you grew up in an Hispanic culture, please do not choose Quinceanera. The idea is to research and learn about a culture/celebration that is NEW to you. Thanks!!

Information to include in your presentation:

Name and purpose of celebration
Location/regional area of celebration
Historical information
How is it observed? (Religious traditions, food, clothing, gifts, colors or objects, ceremony or activities, etc.)
Include images to support the information; authentic art when possible
In addition to the descriptive information, find 3-5 book titles that are related to your chosen cultural celebration. Children’s or young adult books would be best, if possible. Each book title should have its own slide, showing the cover and giving a brief summary/description.

Presentation requirements:

At least three credible sources for information
10-15 slides total
Limited text on slides (bullets and phrases are fine…whole paragraphs should be avoided)
Follows basic design principles (balance, fonts, backgrounds, etc. — see link below)
Include a bibliography slide at the end with citations in APA format. Your bibliography should include citations for the children’s books and for the three or more credible sources used for research.
Please check out this website, which gives a helpful list of tips for creating presentations, particularly for design elements. If you are using Prezi instead of PowerPoint, the basic design elements still apply (font size, contrast, etc.). The presentation you create should adhere to these basic principles.

See the the Cultural Celebration Rubric for expectations/scoring.