Describe two public health issues that Lillian Wald (nurse) tried to address in her time.

Describe two public health issues that Lillian Wald (nurse) tried to address in her time. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


In a brief essay (500words) describe two public health issues that one of these early public health nurses tried to address in her time. Analyze what domains of public health nursing practice were involved (ANA Scope and Standards of Public Health Practice). Are these issues still a concern? Compare and contrast how they are addressed today. List at least one reputable website/ video link that you can share with classmates. Remember to use APA format for your references. Refer to the APA menu tab for guidance on how to list a website.

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Public Health Issues That Lillian Wald Addressed

Public health is focused on promoting population health through laying an emphasis on the prevention and giving an attention on the various determinant of health. Lillian Wald was a nurse whose unselfish devotion towards humanity has been appreciated throughout the globe. Wald also came up with visionary programs that have been adopted around the world to help eliminate infectious diseases, environmental pollution, inequity, lack of basic health services, and poverty. She is a pioneer in the public health nursing and helped address a number of issues that impacted the relationship between the nurse and the surrounding.

Public Health Issues That Lillian Wald (Nurse) Tried To Address in Her Time

Wald through the National Organization for Public Health Nursing (NOPHN) focused their efforts on public health towards standardizing the activities of nurses. At the time, Wald and the NOPHN focused on setting up services that were family-oriented, promotion of health, and prevention of diseases. To support these efforts, and to address this public health issues, Wald lobbied for health inspections to be carried out in workplaces especially in industries in order to ensure workers are protected against diseases and there was the promotion of health. Wald (2011) states that Wald convinced the industries, organizations, and corporations to adopt measures that protected the health of the workers.

Wald also focused on having family oriented services. At the time, setting bills was a problem for the families and community. To address this issue, Wald asked the insurance companies to collaborate with the public health nurses to ensure sick policy holders had their bills settled successfully. According to Wald (2011), to ensure that all people had access to medical care, Wald and other nurses operated on sliding fee scale.