Design a toolkit that can evaluate how inclusive any business is

Design a toolkit that can evaluate how inclusive any business is 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Design a toolkit that can evaluate how inclusive any business is. You should specify which industry you are designing the toolkit for. You should include at least 10 academic references to support / justify your toolkit. Your answer should contain a section (around 200 words) outlining how this toolkit will bring about change.

Coursework Specification Guidance

  1. Identify the two most important aspect of inclusivity at senior management level for your selected industry. These aspects could include gender, age, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexuality, and can be considered important for numerous justifiable reasons, including reference to key SDGs for this industry. Note there is no correct answer to what are the most important aspects of inclusivity however you will be assessed on the quality of your justification. It is useful to link these inclusivities to specific aspects of your selected industry (You should look for academic or other sources that discuss the specific aspects of this industry. These can include its supply chain, products/services, production processes, customers, stakeholders etc.)
  2. Discuss the problems that can arise in your selected industry due to a lack of diversity at senior manager levels, which you believe need to be resolved and any benefits that may occur if they are resolved. Sections 1 & 2 are important as they define the ‘problems’ that your toolkit will seek to resolve.. (you should look for academic or others sources that report on these problems, the effectiveness of different solutions and potential benefits- in general or in your selected sector)
  3. Presentation of your inclusivity toolkit. You should present your guidance/advice/tactics/practices as to how businesses in your selected industry can resolve these lack of diversity problems. In this section you should try and present your toolkit in a way that is clear and understandable to managers, rather than using academic arguments.
  4. Discuss how your inclusivity toolkit is intended to bring about change in your selected industry. In this section you should support your guidance/advice/tactics/practices with evidence from academic papers or other sources. Remember you need to convince business managers that your recommendations are robust, based on evidence or theories and likely to result in positive outcomes.)