Design a total environment for company

Design a total environment for company 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Windows server project  (100 points)


Design a total environment for company

The have 40 desktop users, 40 Sap User, 10 Legal, 10 Admin users all VDI in 8 location around the US.  You will look up the specifications for using a windows 10 these thin clients and design servers to support them.  You can add users if needed.   The VDIs will run on a VX RAIL, System. You can add server as needed in physical, VM, or cloud.  These are your choices you will just have to explain why your are choosing what you did

A SAP system that runs their operating environment at the X location. This requires 3 servers at a minimum to operate.

You will need to design the environment for all servers necessary for 3 subdomains under the company  X, Y, Z located in the upper New England, South, and West.   They One of these regions is in the cloud, you pick the cloud and region.


You will need:

Drawing of your design.

Drawing of your domain Tree


Written paper on how your design works with each server. Include things like what ports need to be open to communicate.

An Active directory layout with users  100 users and X servers.  NO Group Policy is needed .  You get to choose how the groups are laid out

( you pick the regions and the names of those regions,  2 servers will be at each location dedicated to virtual desktops)


(Drawing) This will be based on the required servers not the number of them the type, are there any missing server needed in the environment, what happens if one fails, what happens if I lose internet connectivity, these are the types of questions that I will be asking as I review the drawings.

(Paper) Does this paper explain what each server will be used for and how they all tie together?  Explain how your active directory integrates will all the domains keeping security in mind and distance limitation.  What happens if a user from region X takes a trip to region y can they log in?  do they get email?  Can they access share point?  Your paper needs to answer these types of questions so I know you have an understanding of  the environment.


This is a research project as well as what we will be going over in class.  You are encouraged to google/bing/search the internet for what companies need to operate