Difference between Female and Male Leadership Styles

Difference between Female and Male Leadership Styles 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Here you are introducing and stating the purpose of your (required tasks) and how it is organized. this should be about 2 or 3 paragraphs long. Be sure to include the following;
Topic of the research: Difference between Female and Male Leadership Styles
Problem Statement: The problem i s clear and concise statement
Research Question 1: Are the leadership styles of females and males different?

Research question 2 What factors between female and men leadership styles different?
Annotation #1
Author’s Abstract
Relationship to the topic
Student’s paraphrase pertinent information discovered in the article and apply the information to the chosen topic about 2 or 3 paragraphs.

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In recent years, the difference between gender and their leadership styles gained interests from different researchers. Are the leadership styles of female and male different? What factors contribute to different female and male leadership styles? The researchers try to answer these questions and their relationship to the reason there are few women leaders. The modern world today experience a larger portion the workforce but there are few women leaders in the executive positions. Earlier, researchers indicated that the lack of competitive holding top positions is clear due to the gender difference in leadership style. The corporate organization emphasizes on constant modification and accommodation of leadership styles. Increased women in the workforce bring significant challenges to the organization thus force them to assimilate diversified labor force into top executive roles. The women do not occupy the top executive positions but what exactly are their leadership style look like?

This paper will review the gender differences in leadership style topic. It presents the synthesis of some of the articles and materials are written on leadership and gender difference in leadership style. The reviewed resources will be from different fields that include medicine and healthcare, psychology, management, sociology and political science.  The first section analyses materials that shed light on whether there exist any differences between women and men. Do women make good leaders in the public and private organization? The second section will try to analyze the articles opposed or showing the leadership styles differences are non-existence. The articles bring the stereotype behavior and attitude women face thus denying them a high-level position in large organizations.