discuss some of the Ethical Issues of Project Management

discuss some of the Ethical Issues of Project Management 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

discuss some of the Ethical Issues of Project Management

Project management remains pertinent to the achievement of various organizational goals, an aspect that makes the ethical part of it very significant. Several ethical concerns can be raised within the undertaking of project management, and as analysts put it, such variance depends on the size of the task being implemented.

One of the issues that can be raised within project management is that of protecting the interests of all stakeholders. Negulescu and Doval discuss the issue as the management of conflicts of interest (35). Within every project, there are numerous players involved, be it the sponsors or the consumers. As such, it is within the jurisdiction of the manager to ensure that both parties are fed the right information pertaining the progress of activities. The aspect of information in managing conflicts of interest is linked to another ethical issue of data falsification. As a docket that is predominantly within the field of engineering, several discrepancies can arise that may lead to the deviation of values and estimates, thus tempting managers to falsify data and present values underlying a project that does not exist on the ground. Falsification is a wide area that can also involve plagiarism within the process of management As such, it is within the moral obligation of the manager to ensure that whenever inevitable deviations occur due to (un)explainable reasons, the relevant stakeholders are given the right information and correct estimates. Significantly, other ethical concerns as analyzed include the violation of basic employee rights within the project and managers being biased. As Negulescu and Doval insinuate in their assessment, other common unethical scenarios do involve the embezzlement of funds (37), a reality witnessed within most government projects.

In summary, it is evident that project management is a wide area that harbors numerous opportunities for perpetrating immoral and unethical activities. It is, thus, based on the integrity of the project manager that some of the ethical dilemmas within expansive projects can be avoided.