Epiphany Essay

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Write a personal history of reading that explores your growth identity as a reader. Structure your narrative around three or four of your own epiphanies during which you recognize yourself participating in the process of interpretation. At least one of the moments must be about the actual act of reading. Examine your consciousness and discuss its growth by highlighting these moments in your life when an epiphany occurred. You can interpret the epiphany or show how your interpretation led to an epiphany.

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According to Sherman, Shwartz, & Roddenberry (2008), Epiphany is a manifestation or appearance that occurs in an individual’s life. It is the moment in life when an individual achieves a feeling, awareness, and realization of knowledge. Sherman, Shwartz, & Roddenberry (2008) state that after the realization, an individual will tend to see events in their life from another angle in their life. People having an epiphany have a feeling that often brings to light what was hidden in their eyes and is often accompanied by changes in one’s life. Grothaus (2016) adds that they are life-changing revelations that usually have a great impact on the lives of many people since they are the mental moments where one receives clarity which becomes a motivation to change their perspective of life and charge forward. This paper focuses on some of the epiphanies that have occurred in my life as a reader.

As a starting reader, I did not enjoy reading books as I saw no fun in reading. However, on the reading journey, I encountered a book that totally changed my perspective of reading. This book totally spun off my reading life. I now wanted to read more books and visited the library more frequently. In the process of reading, some articles tend to motivate life and find meaning where there seems to be none. In one of the reading, one self-realization moment is that I do not have to find my purpose in life as I believe that the purpose will find me. In life, usually, the transition period from the current state that I am into where my destiny is can sometimes be painful. However, through reading some of the inspirational life articles I had a realization that the pain in life transition usually has a purpose in life. Each of the steps in life usually serves an important part in shaping my transition into where I want to be therefore, I have turned into embracing every step in the journey.