Essay proposing a Solution to a Problem

Essay proposing a Solution to a Problem 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Essay proposing a Solution to a Problem. In this essay, you’ll develop a solution to a problem of your choice. The problem could be something large-scale, or maybe something smaller, such as a problem that affects the local community, your workplace, your school, or a profession/industry that interests you. It does need to be something you can research, however, so a personal problem would not work unless it’s something widely experienced by others, such as the problem of deciding on a major or paying for college.

The essay will total six pages minimum; however, there will be a graded checkpoint approximately half-way through.

Graded Checkpoint—Three Pages

 For the graded checkpoint, you are responsible for having approximately half of the essay complete (at least three pages). In this portion, address the problem. Your goal will be to present a strong understanding of the problem as a necessary first step to offering a solution likely to solve (or at least alleviate) the problem. Your presentation of the problem should include (not necessarily in this order):

  • The extent or scope of the problem
  • A consideration of why the problem must be solved
  • The causes of the problem
  • To whom the problem is most relevant
  • Who would be most responsible and/or capable of solving the problem. This might not be just one individual. It might be people in general, a group of people, the government, a specific organization, or perhaps a company or industry.

 As this is the first half of the essay, and not a separate essay in and of itself, you may end it without a formal conclusion paragraph.

You will utilize research to help you gain and convey a deeper understanding of the issue. At least one credible, relevant source is required for the checkpoint. Use MLA format to cite this when you use it in the essay itself and on a separate works cited page, which does not count towards the essay’s minimum page requirement.

The draft review for this checkpoint will be on Monday, November 19th. Have at least half your checkpoint done at this point. The checkpoint is due on Wednesday, November 21st. This is due with the rough draft and draft review sheet. This should also be uploaded to Canvas. This checkpoint is worth 100 points of the 250 total points allotted to this research project.

 Complete Essay—Six Pages

The first three pages will be your material from stage one (likely with at least some revisions). After no more than three pages, you will transition to the solution to the problem that you are advocating. The remainder of the essay will be spent arguing for this solution. Your presentation of the solution should include the following (not necessarily in this order):


  • A clear case for how the solution will address the problem and not just mask its symptoms. What steps or stages would the solution require? What makes it feasible?
  • A response to opposition that might be raised to your solution; this might take the form of an alternate solution that some people might prefer to your solution.
  • An awareness of who you expect to implement your solution. How can you convince this person or group to support your solution?
  • The use of credible, relevant sources.


The minimum length for the complete essay is six pages, not counting the works cited page. It should include at least four credible, relevant sources. At least one must be a peer-reviewed, scholarly source. Sources should be cited both in the essay itself and on the works cited page. Keep in mind that you will likely need to revise the first part of your essay as you develop it into the full, complete essay. This might include adding additional research. Use MLA format throughout the essay. The complete essay will be graded as a whole, not just the last three pages.


The draft review for this essay will occur on Friday, December 7th. You should be at least half-way through the solution portion of your essay at this point. The complete essay is due on the day of the final exam. Late work will not be accepted. The essay should be turned in with the rough draft and draft review sheet. The final draft will also be uploaded to Canvas. The complete essay will be worth 150 points of the 250 points allotted to this research project.