Ethical Violation Paper

Ethical Violation Paper 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you include the following:
•In what component of the criminal justice system does the criminal justice agency or individuals in question belong?
•What is the reasoning for the criminal justice agency’s involvement and the timing of the news story or press release?
•What is the role of the media and public opinion in the news story or press release?
•What are the primary ethical styles or perspectives of the involved agency, along with the reported concerns or ethical violations identified in the report or release?
•Key interest groups in relation to the ethical violation
•Identify if the release was informative or persuasive, and whether or not it outlines the importance of ethics in the criminal justice system.
•Discuss if there are obvious ways the ethical violation(s) could have been avoided.

Preferably in the New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Louisiana

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John Thompson a former inmate in the Angola prison, was born in 1962 in New Orleans. He is the son of Josephine Thompson and Charles Jackson. On December 6, 1984, two robbers attacked a famous business leader Raymond T. Liuzza, Jr. and shot him dead near his home. The city was in a panic since this was one of a series of attacks that had occurred. In addition, the social status of the victim helped propel his death into the public limelight and it became a conversation around the city. His family was in pain for the loss and they offered an award for any information that would be offered and helped in solving the case. The violent crime rate was alarming and the Urban League and City Council and to intervene. They promised to end the city crimes and solve Liuzza’s killing. In attempts to get the criminals, John Thompson along with Kevin Freeman was arrested as the main suspects and charged (Zalaman, 2006). At the prosecutor’s hand, Freeman was offered a short prison sentence if he agreed to testify against Thompson, of which he did. By using this witness testimony, the state of Louisiana sentenced Thompson to death. However, the sentencing was later discovered to violate the ethics of the criminal justice system and Thompson was exonerated.

Component of the Criminal Justice System where the criminal justice agency or individuals in question belong

The individuals under question in the Thompson case are Jim Williams, Eric Dubelier, and Gerry Deegan. These individuals are in the prosecution part as a component of the criminal justice system. Prosecutors represent the federal government or the state from the start of the case to a period when the accused is sentenced or acquitted. Prosecutors study the credibility of the evidence that they receive from the law enforcers.