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each year, many teens run away from home. what do you think are the 3 major reasons for this happening. please have 5 paragraphs with thesis statement.

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Runaway cases are increasing as teens leave their homes to unknown destinations. These run away may be for at least one night to several years away from home. In the US, approximately one in seven children will run away from home between the ages of ten and eighteen (Veladota, 12). A huge number of teenage boys and girls run away at some point in their life. In teenage years, teens experience both positive and negative influence from friends and media. These influences can be very strong as teens are at a time when they have begun to form their values and ideas. They are often encouraged by their friends and the media to test new and risky things out and still be safe. At this age, they yearn for complete freedom away from their parents and guardians. However, the parents and guardians are not ready to give them the complete freedom for the safety of their children, and that they are there to support them as they move to adulthood and become independent. As the teen are torn between wanting freedom and care from their parents, a significant number of them run away from homes. Three major reasons why they run away are an abusive home and school environment, feeling of been unwanted, and an unhealthy environment.

A common contributor that drives teens to run away is an abusive environment. When children grow to become teenagers, and they get subjected to various forms of physical and sexual violence, emotional and verbal harassment they opt to move away from their homes. Teens who grow in such abusive environment feel that their parents or guardians do not support and accept at homes. They experience emotional struggle for them, and their families become unbearable for them. These types of mistreatment from guardians or parents cause a significant number of teens to leave their homes to escape these environments and go out to try life on their own.  An abusive environment may also be experienced in schools. In schools where there many unresolved bullying and harassment, teens turn out to the option of running away both from school and home since they feel the environment is no more bearable for them.