FDCUL101A Fashion design and culture; two different periods throughout history to form the basis of a fashion investigation

FDCUL101A Fashion design and culture; two different periods throughout history to form the basis of a fashion investigation 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

For this assessment, you are required to select two different periods throughout history to form the basis of
a fashion investigation. In the essay you will be required to compare and contrast the predominant dress
from the two periods, drawing on a range of information regarding societal, economic, political and
environmental factors. You must consider this when selecting the two periods. One period must be from
the 20th-21st Century.
When considering the periods that you will base your essay on, consider if there are any similarities as well
as distinct differences. For example the two periods may have been influenced by the presence of war or
taking place through scientific and technological discovery. The periods may have experienced backlash and
rebellion to societal norms. Similarities like these are not necessary but it does allow for a more complex
Your essay will be between 2250 and 2500 words and follow a formal essay format with introduction, body
and summary. You need to source your references throughout the essay using Harvard referencing
conventions and also provide a bibliography. Your essay should compare and contrast the two periods
jointly throughout the essay and include the following content:
 An outline of the two periods being investigated and why you have chosen to compare and contrast
those two.
 An analysis of the political, social, economic and cultural environment predominating during the
period and an analysis of how these influenced the dominant dress
 Analysis of additional influences that may be specific to the period such as religion, medical and
scientific advances, etc.
 Analysis of the dress in terms of fabrication (where did fabrics originate or how were they produced)
and methods of construction that are note-worthy.
 Personal reflection on the value of the dress from the period as a means of inspiration for
contemporary dress. You may demonstrate how a period has influenced contemporary fashion

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through images from a collection or suggest ways that it could be used as inspiration either through a
sketch or written analysis.
The essay will be assessed on the essay content and use of formal essay writing conventions. The essay will
be submitted using Turn It In, software which can identify plagiarism. Please ensure that you correctly
reference your essay or you may be accused of plagiarism and this can result in failure or more seriously in
you being unenrolled.
It is expected that the essay will include photographic images as a means of supporting the communication
of ideas and these may be put into the body of the document or as an appendix but please realise that the
essay is the focus of this assessment.
All submissions must comply with the requirements listed in the Student Handbook for this course.
The criteria for marking this assessment are given below.