Food Technologies

Food Technologies 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Assess how technology has changed how we view food, as well as how we treat each other and the environment.

Explain how technology has raised serious concerns about how the animals raised for food are treated.

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of technology’s impact on our food supply.

Discuss how more technology creates problems, which in turn creates more technology. Please provide relevant examples related to food technology.

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People have been engaged with technology more in the recent years. Through this engagement, the view and relationship with food has changed both in a positive and negative way. Technology has influenced the appearance, the taste and the experience of food (Stewart, Amerine, Schweigert & Hawthorn, 2012). Huge numbers of photos hit the internet through our social media platforms and gets people to be more interested in the look of the food than the nutritional value.

Technology has also made the experience of food to go past the flavor and looks. People can now share their culinary creativity and their inspirations through technology. Smartphone applications such as FitID and The Eatery have come up, and users of this applications can share photos of their meals and allow other users to comment on how healthy the meal we are taking appears. The advice we get from people has helped us decide on what to eat, what not to eat, and the food ingredients to use.

For many years, food was an important part of social gatherings, celebrations, and religious functions. Therefore, food connects us to other people in the many ways. The sharing of photos of our foods invites more people to our food experience and affects our relationship with people. Some photos shared with other people may change our feelings of shame or pride. Our eating habits controlled by technology can cause us to lose or gain weight. The foods we eat and share in our social media directly link to our self-image, our background or environment, and our fitness habits and therefore we are forced to eat only certain types of foods.