Foundations of nursing

Foundations of nursing 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch
· CW1 Assignment Writing Help Sheet.  Make yourself a list under these headings and think of how many words each section will require. Please balance the word count to ensure that you sufficiently address each stage of the reflective model.



Fulfils Learning Outcomes:

. Utilise a range of resources to explore personal and professional learning needs

. Reflect on key issues for patient safety, quality and person centered care and identify how these are informed by legal, professional and ethical principles

. Discuss how communication skills contribute to therapeutic approaches to care demonstrating respect for diversity and individual preferences

. Examine the importance of care, compassion and dignity in collaborative therapeutic relationships


Adheres to the structure of the Borton Reflective Model

Written in the first person at the appropriate academic level (level 4); (can be written in third person if preferred)

The assignment requires an evaluation of your personal and professional nursing development requirements. Ensure that you link to the specific relevant aspects of the NMC Code (2015).

The assignment will benefit from links to a broad evidence base in order to demonstrate use of a range of resources

Referenced according to recognised Harvard format

Submitted on time via E-submission


· Outline purpose and plan for assignment

· Identify reflective model to be used

· Give rationale for using reflection, particularly its importance within nursing role

· Identify the chosen case study

· One of the following case studies can be chosen to base your assignment on:-


o Mr and Mrs J’s Story (Page 11)

o Mrs R’s Story (Page 17)

o Mrs H’s Story (Page 23)

o Mr W’s Story (Page 29)


Main Body: (3 parts):


This is the description and self-awareness level and all questions start with the word what

What happened? What did others do?

This is the description of the problem/case study scenario.  This should be brief, and not utilise too much wordage allowance.




So What:

This is the level of evaluation when we look deeper at what was behind the experience.

So what is the importance of this?

So what more do I need to know about this?

So what have I learnt about this


This is the evaluation of your chosen case study drawing out meaning and significance in relation to the learning outcomes.


Now What:


This is the level of an action plan or considerations for next steps.

Here we build on the previous levels and  consider  how this suggests alternative courses of action or next steps

Now what do I need to do?

Now what might I do?

Now what might be the consequences of this action?


Now What is the significance of this as I move forward into my first clinical placement

Now what are the next steps I might need to take informed by this reflection

Now What have I learned that is of significance to me at this stage of my nurse training?


Conclusion: For the purposes of this assignment, a conclusion is unnecessary; the ‘Now What’ section should cover
References: Harvard format- refer to cite them right / PLATO