Gap in equity related to mental health access for veterans-Regulations & Effectiveness

Gap in equity related to mental health access for veterans-Regulations & Effectiveness 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

III. Regulation: A. Explain a current regulation regarding the existing initiative that has been identified and the context in which it was developed. Why is this regulation important? B. Describe the regulatory level that the existing initiative is being addressed at. Consider the potential for multiple levels of regulation. IV. Conclusion: Explain the effectiveness of the existing initiative and associated regulations in addressing this gap in the delivery of healthcare to the target population. Does the initiative align with initiative in place to support other gaps? Are there conflicting interests to be aware of?


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The Jobs for Veterans Act was developed to facilitate the employment of the veterans to enable them to get suitable jobs. By employing the veterans, they stand a better chance to get comprehensive insurance covers and gain access to health care. The Act has opened up training and employment services that are backed by the establishment of a network of about 2500 job centers across the nation. The veterans and their spouses are eligible for these training programs. (“Jobs for Veterans Act, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) – U.S. Department of Labor”, 2008)
Regulatory levels
This is a primary level legislation that solves the issue of access to health care on a broad spectrum. The functions are delegated to the executive branch which is supposed to facilitate the establishment of the training programs through the Department of Labor.

Social workers assume a remarkable part in helping veterans change in accordance with regular citizen life—offering singular directing administrations and supporting for the benefit of veterans. Tragically, the present interest for social laborers far exceeds the supply. Empowering a surge of new and current social workers to concentrate on serving veterans particularly will help after some time. For the time being, associations that work with veterans can mix the reasoning and approach of social specialists into their treatment practices, to guarantee that veterans get the most ideal care. The veterans experience a lot of difficulty in getting and keeping their jobs. The lack of employment, by extension, impedes their ability to access insurances.