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The assignment for the research paper is to compare the politics of American cities to those in other countries. This assignment serves two purposes. First, examining the similarities and differences between American and foreign cities can reinforce some of the concepts and ideas that you have learned in the class; the differences between American and other cities highlights the unique features of American cities. Second, a research paper is a good analytical exercise. The process of examining variation in urban politics across cities requires students to break down complex issues and thoroughly explore each part separately; the only way to fully understand urban politics in a comparative perspective is through analysis.


Population Pollution and Ecology

In the first video, Milton Freedman in 1977 was responding to an environmental question from the listeners during a question and answer session.  Friedman was asked how the ecology and pollution would later the economic policies of the United States.  Professor Friedman responded that United Sates was under-populated compared to their countries of the world. However, parents have children and bear the cost of taking care of these children’s responsibilities and needs. The country should establish this kind of a system where the government does not encourage artificial population or discourage population. Consequently, the country would have the correct population size.  Malthusianism figment is real in several regions of the world. The population grown in the United States has been slowing down similar to other countries that have fewer people per acre compared to a century ago.

The United States situation may be compared to China. China has a rising consumption and modest population growth rate. The growth in population magnifies the people’s effects on the planet. The Chinese population is estimated to be 1.3 billion even with family size control. Many of the Chinese are still in their reproductive years thus a major factor contributing to increased population. Even with one child per couple policy would still result in large numbers thus population momentum effects are visible.

Despite the large population, the People’s Republic of China has better living standards. The people have enough food, sufficient energy sources, and produce enough products for local consumption. The trend is similar to middle-class families in the United States.  Each individual in the US consumes more compared to the Chinese. China, with a population 4 times larger than the US has a greater collective appetite. Ultimately, the Chinese have a significant impact on the ecology than any other nation worldwide.

The scientists are concerned with the population and economic growth around the world. The growth is causing abrupt and irreversible changes in the ecosystem including drastic climatic changes, plant and animal extinction.  The neo-Malthusianism indicates that unchecked human fertility contributes to rapid population growth. The growth will outstrip resources around the world leading to a serious ecological catastrophe.  However, many social scientists contend that it is improper to treat the human in an undifferentiated way from other species growing beyond the local carrying capacity.  Critics indicate that neo-Malthusianism overlook the cultural adoption, trade, technological advancement and institutional development that facilitate human population growth beyond local consistent base (York et al., 2003).