Health policy episodic practice experience

Health policy episodic practice experience 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

The purpose of the health policy episodic practice experience is to give you an opportunity to become familiar with  organizational health policymakers, advocacy groups or monitors of health care.


  1. Identify an organization that you wish to learn more about; this does not have to be profession specific but it may be. The organization must have a policy/governance platform that is available online. National Association for Behavioral Healthcare
  2. Explain the purpose or mission of the organization, how they raise money, how much money do they give (provide) for what they want to support, and if possible, the processes used in formulation and evaluation of health policy. For example, how does the American Cancer Society Associatio(Links to an external site.)n choose to invest their money and what policies do they support?
  3. Describe mechanisms that an average person can use to influence health policy within this group; address policy changes the organization is considering. For example, can you download the entity’s Policy Agenda or “Talking Points” the organization may have for supporting a change in policy.

Part I-Assignment: (15%)

The student should identify an agency, professional organization, board, group etc. that has an impact on the development of local, state, or national health policy and or advocacy. Your selection should be correlated to what you have a passion for; it may or may not have a link to your scholarly project.

Once you identify an organization, you will learn how the organization operates. You will create a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the information about the organization. (TEMPLATE)

If you are unsure of what organization to choose, send a few ideas to your assigned faculty; there are no limits to what you choose as long as the organization has some impact on policies that may impact health.

Following your research on the organization, you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation for peers and upload it via a threaded discussion post in Canvas. The PowerPoint presentation should consist of a maximum of 7 slides, excluding title and references.

Part II-Outcomes: Student Presentation (5%):  See rubric below for point distribution for Part II of this assignment.


Criterion Points Possible Points Obtained
PART I– Identifies an agency, organization, group, board etc.(2 points) and describes its impact on local, state, or national health policy and or advocacy efforts (2 points) 4  
Identifies the purpose of the organization including:(one point for each item below)

1. the population served by the organization

2. budget if available and if not, inquire why it is not -via phone call or email

3. policy priorities

4.and if possible processes used in formulation and evaluation of health policy and or advocacy

5. Describe how the public is informed and/or supported in advocating for the health policy agenda of the organization. Is it via membership only?  Is it online? It this information is not clear on their website, you may want to reach out to a person in leadership of the agency. Usually a phone call will get you and answer.

Describe your own experiences with \and interaction with this entity (if any). Concurrently addresses why the entity was chosen and explain the benefit of this episodic practice experience and why you find it important or interesting 5  
Formatting and Readability

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Formatting & Readability: APA or BlueBook-in text citation(s), reference(s), headings, spelling, grammar, title page, running head, font, margins, and adhered to page limit (2 pages total excluding title page and reference sheet)

PART II- Designs a presentation that is creative and clearly communicates pertinent information from each section of Part I of the assignment.

·         Presents information to peers using a professional manner; and is able to answer questions during the presentation (1 point)

·         Slides not cluttered, professional appearance (1 point)

·         Spelling, grammar (1 point)

·         Citations on slides in proper APA (0.5 points)

·         Reference slides in proper APA (0.5 points)

5 points possible, awarded after your presentation  
TOTAL 15 points possible for Part I  


*Mastery of scholarly writing is an expectation of doctoral assignments.