Health Promotion Resources Assignment: The Application of the Science and Practice of Public Health Assessment.

Health Promotion Resources Assignment: The Application of the Science and Practice of Public Health Assessment. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Health Promotion Resource: Task 2 –  2000 word assignment to support the theoretical elements of the resource – individual work

Task 2- The assignment will be 2000 words (+/- 10%); the content will support the development of your Health Promotion Resource. It will reflect the learning outcomes of the module in association with your chosen area of Health Promotion. It is expected that the theoretical elements discussed during the seminars will be applied and examined in relation to the client group within your resource. Critical analysis will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the public health interventions associated with your chosen subject for the resource, along with the skills required by the nurse to implement the public health agenda of the resource.

Aim of the Assignment

Within this assignment you will be expected to address the marking criteria –The rationale for the health promotion resource is evidence based and addresses the wider political, social, economic and cultural determinants of health

(LO 2 and 4)

 The role of the nurse in implementing the resource is clearly identified from an individual, group, community and population perspective

(LO 1 and 3)

 The communication of the resource fits the purpose of the health promotion strategy and employs collaborative strategies to address the needs of the identified population

(LO 3)

  • Appraise the rationale for your chosen public health topic and client group (1)
  • Critically analyse how political, social, economic and cultural determinants influence your chosen Public Health resource (1)
  • Support the discussion using relevant theory from the areas of Sociology, Social Policy, Public Health and Health Promotion.(1)
  • Apply the evidence base throughout (1, 2 and 3)
  • Apply the resource to practice (2)
  • Evaluate the impact of the resource on your chosen client group or clients with your chosen condition regarding the potential improvement in their wellbeing with regard to relationship centred care. (2)
  • Appraise the role of the nurse and how specific personal skills will enable collaborative working during the implementation of the resource. (2 and 3)
  • Through your assignment you will demonstrate:-
  1. a) Your knowledge, understanding and skill in implementing the health resource.
  2. b) How the effectiveness of the resource after implementation can be assessed at individual, group, community and population levels
  • Refer to the health promotion resource throughout the summary. This link should be clear and explicit.(1, 2 and 3)
  • Present the work in accordance with SHU guidelines ensuring referencing conforms to SHU Harvard principles

NB – The numbers (1) relate to the numbers in the marking criteria.

Information and Guidance

In seminar 1 of the module you will be given guidance regarding the preparation of the resource and the support you can obtain from the staff at the learning centre.

  • This is an individual assignment and forms 70% of the total mark.
  • For referencing guidance follow the link:-
  • You will be allocated a lecturer who will support you; mark your work and will accept drafts in accordance with University guidelines. An arrangement will be made following negotiation between yourself and your marking lecturer. It is your responsibility to contact your marking lecturer for support
  • The lecturer who marks your resource will also mark your 2000 word assignment.
  • The work will be uploaded to Grade Centre and
  • There will be a draft submission allowed for Turnitin to check your score for plagiarism. At this point you can change your work prior to final submission
  • It is important that you submit the same assignment to both Grade Centre and Turnitin in the final submission for view by tutors.
  • The date of submission and the date of release of feedback will be on Blackboard in the assessment folder.