Homeland Security

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Experiences and Accomplishments exemplifying skill in “Evaluation” (making judgments about the value of ideas, works, methods, or solutions)
Assessing work, accuracy, or arguments, using certain criteria, comparing facts, theories or generalizations to determine validity; appraise judgments or values.
To score high on “Evaluation”, you must provide examples of your ability to make judgments based on criteria and standards. We are less interested in the judgment or the frequency of making evaluations (personnel evaluations, for example), than in the evidence you provide about detecting value and effectiveness, determining the internal consistency of a process, and making clear, defensible judgments (for example, between two methods or approaches) in a valid and reliable fashion.



The Homeland Security in the United States exists in the complex environment. The nation grapples with competing requirements. Incentives and interests that need balancing and management effectively to ensure achievement of institutional objectives.  The United State’s Security, resilience, and safety are under threat from various hazards that include cyber security, terrorism activities, manmade accidents, pandemics natural disasters and transnational crime. The homeland security as an institution must be able to manage the risks associated with management of the workforce, project costs, and acquisitions. The internal and external hazards potentially cause significant impacts including injuries, loss of life, destruction of property and loss of economic activity. Other effects include environmental degradation, psychological impacts and inability to the government’s capability to respond.  The homeland needs proper management to enable the institution clearly assess work, work with great accuracy and using criteria and theories in the protection of the national security. The same criteria need to be applicable in the case of a disaster such as fire outbreak.  The management and analysis indicate that homeland security should be interoperable, flexible and transparent based on sound analysis.

The Department of Home Security (DHS) comprehends and manages this myriad homeland security risk. The world is becoming dangerous and full of the uncertain world where the past events cannot be used to guide the future. The intricate and interconnected system offers the function importance for the society to thrive. The disruption of the system is not fully understood that potentially have effects on the American security.  Compounding the complexities is that future trends including advancement in technology, evolving nations, and states, change in climatic conditions significantly alters homeland security in an unprecedented way.  The emerging trends hold promise and peril need compression and understanding for effective management of risks.