how ethos, pathos, and logos are used to drive the message of this text.

how ethos, pathos, and logos are used to drive the message of this text. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


The instructions are as follows: 1) In a five-paragraph, thesis-driven essay, you are to choose an advertisement from Week Four’s Module and discuss – with specific examples – how ethos, pathos, and logos are used to drive the message of this text.
2) Please use MLA format.
3) Be sure to tell what this message/main idea/central point/claim/thesis is of this text. For example, sentences like this: “The advertisement uses ethos to establish Clinique’s credibility and authority to women when expressing the claim that women who use their products will look and appear younger. One way that Clinique does this is by using imagery that…” Pretend that you are persuading people to see things your way…
4) Please note that you will also be using the Aristotelian Argument Structure.

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Advertisements have hidden messages, saying and signs that help in attracting the attention of the viewer. The advertisements have different elements that appeal to audience thus promote a stronger message.  The ideas of ethos, pathos, and logos help in drawing interest from viewers and make them elicit some feeling about the product advertised. Advertising is intended to entice the viewers through logic, credibility, and emotions. The Nike Company advertisement, for instance, uses the ‘Weave your way to immortal’. The advertisement slogan proved to effectively sell Nike products and gain strong support from the audience. The company avails its products everywhere and do everything right to reach the customers. The company, using ethos and popular warrants in their campaigns thus sells more products. The slogan motivates the athletes to wake up and achieve the best in life.  Nike makes advertisement uses logical fallacies to persuade the viewers that their products are the best.

The Nike Company over the years worked with great athletes such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Robinho and Carmelo Anthony. The famous athlete use products from the company. The celebrities give the Nike products to elicit strong ethos in advertisement campaigns. The logical thinking behind the approach is that the famous athletes can only use the ‘best’ products which are designed and made by Nike.  The audiences tend to believe the professional athletes that promote and support Nike incorporation thus give it better ethos when appealing to the viewers. Viewers would want to purchase athletic gear worn by the professional athletes.