Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


Part 1:

The board of directors at AGC needs a status update on your change management project. Shawn asks you to write an executive report for John and the board of directors about the change management process and the progress being made toward resolving the global human capital management problems at AGC. This report will be shared at an upcoming investor meeting. Because the future success of AGC depends on achieving its human capital management goals, the board of directors wants to ensure that investors understand that it has changed its strategy to align human capital goals with its organizational goals.

Review the AGC scenario for this course and prepare a 750–1000 word executive report that describes the steps in your change management plan, including the following:

Diagnosis: A summary of AGC’s problems, how they were diagnosed, and your conclusions regarding the root causes.
Intervention: A description of human capital management strategies that you recommended to create change at AGC and how they were implemented.
Evaluation: How did you measure the effectiveness of your change management plan? What were the effects on the employees and the organization’s market performance?

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There is a growing trend of business diversification and globalization in different countries and organizations. The idea of globalization was developed several years ago and it is presently the norm of every new or developing organization. Globalization idea and the trend that followed was received with great anticipation by various people particularly the organizations’ management. Despite the fact that globalization has several advantages and rewards it also presents a huge challenge to the HR department (Yang, 2013). It is becoming exceedingly difficult for the human resource management from the mother country to effectively manage employees in other countries especially in the overseas. It is expensive to co-ordinate and manage cross-border teams due to the expenses and time constraints that arise with the responsibility.

Future Human Resource Management Challenges and Trends


Technology advancement is a trend that came into existence a few years ago and is expected to proceed in the future. There are great discoveries that have been developed in the field of technology that have caused major advantages as well as drawbacks in businesses. Technology has enhanced the development of various forms of communication such emails, video conferencing, and mobile applications among many others. These and many other advancements in the technology have facilitated faster growth rate among the organizations. Conversely, several challenges have resulted from the technology developments and will continue manifesting hardships to the HR even in the future.