Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology Ethnic Conflict Assignment

Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology Ethnic Conflict Assignment 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch



ANTH201: Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
Ethnic Conflict Assignment


In this assignment you will address the ANTH201 outcome to:

Identify and analyze the multilevel and shifting basis of ethnicity.

This assignment will also address four General Education Competencies

  1. Technological
  2. Critical Analysis and Reasoning
  3. Effective Written Communication
  4. Information Literacy

For this assignment you will write a 4-page essay, including a references page, about ethnicity and conflict. In the essay you will identify an ethnic conflict, discuss the reasons underlying the conflict, how the conflict is related to power, and how the conflict has impacted ethnic identity.


Prepare an annotated bibliography

Summarize and highlight the main ideas and conclusions of each article selected for the paper. Cite each source in MLA format. The minimum length for each summary is one paragraph. You can use the Citations and Bibliography tool in Microsoft Word to complete this task.


Essay Guidelines

Your essay will have an introduction, a section on the multiple factors underlying the ethnic conflict, an analysis of ethnic conflict and power, an analysis of change in ethnic identity, a conclusion, and a references page.  Anthropological concepts should be used and clarified with definitions. Statements should be supported with data and details from reliable sources.  A suggested essay outline is as follows:




Describe the ethnic conflict that you have chosen. Address where and when it has (or is) occurring, who is involved in it, and what are the general issues involved in the conflict. This should be one paragraph.



Describe and explain the multiple underlying reasons for the conflict

Use the information from your literature search (at least four sources including two academic articles and two other sources). This should be two paragraphs.


Critical Analysis and Reasoning


In your example, critically analyze how ethnicity and the conflict interrelate especially in regard to political and economic power. Then analyze how ethnic identities or ethnic groups have changed during and, if appropriate, after, the conflict.

This should be three paragraphs.




Restate the issues associated with the ethnic conflict. Here synthesize your improved understanding of ethnicity and of ethnic conflict.





Please use the MLA format.

















Your paper will be graded using the rubric below.


Grading Rubric for Students and Faculty: ANTH 201, SPRING 2017

Your grade on this assignment will be based on evidence of the following components:


Critical Analysis and Reasoning (50%)

The Critical Analysis and Reasoning criteria will be assessed by how well: (1) your text critically analyzes how ethnicity and the conflict interrelate, especially in regard to political and economic power and (2) it will also analyze how ethnic identities of ethnic groups have changed during and, if appropriate, after the conflict.  This essay will include well-developed thesis statements.  It will also use anthropological concepts discussed in this course to provide a better understanding of the event(s) described in the article.  It will have an engaging and stimulating conclusion paragraph that not only summarizes your paper but also connects the main ideas of the argument.


Information Literacy (25%)

A strong paper will be based on (1) four appropriate articles selected by using criteria established for selecting literature from library article databases and incorporate information into his or her knowledge base and value system.


Effective Written Communication (15%)

A strong paper should be logically organized in well-constructed paragraphs/sentences, have relevant content, and be easily understood. The paper should follow the style of the social science writing in Anthropology.  There should be few or no errors in format, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. in written English and should not hinder comprehension of your writing.  In addition, sources will be cited appropriately.


Technological Competency (10%)

The student can use the relevant technology properly for citations and production of the paper.















Project Task Possible Points Score Comments
Task 1 – Critical Analysis and Reasoning

a.     Well-developed thesis statements

b.     Uses anthropological concepts

c.      Analyzes how ethnicity and the conflict interrelate

d.     Analyzes how ethnic groups have changed as a result of conflict

Task 2 – Information Literacy

a.     Four appropriate articles selected

b.     Annotated bibliography completed

c.      Citing correctly in-text and in works cited/bibliography

d.     Completed plagiarism tutorial

Task 3 – Effective Written Communication

a.     Logical organization

b.     Relevant content

c.      Paragraph/sentence structure

d.     Format, sentence structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation

Task 4 – Technological Competency

a.     Reviewed instructions through blackboard

b.     Citations and bibliography





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