Iphone app review – Nutrino by FoodPrint

Iphone app review – Nutrino by FoodPrint 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


New points to the ATTACHED ” Mobile app review ” as follows:-
– Please check the attached document
– Make sure to use one of the psychological theories below, that you find most suited with the app.
1) Theory of Health Belief Model
2) Theory of Planned Behavior
3) The transtheoretical model

Note: Use one of the psychological theories above in critiquing the app.
It is expected that you will make reference to, and use, appropriate psychological theories in the report, based on your advised reading. For example, it is not enough to state that ‘psychological principles’ are being used – you must provide the theory, and the theory components, that are being used in the app, along with the exact example found in the app.

– please provide in the end, two main points you have learned from doing this project that may be useful when designing apps, or communicating with patients or colleagues

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personalized nutrition insights platform optimized to support the unique needs of people living with Diabetes. Nutrino has partnered with over 10,000 scientific papers and over 400 scientists to deliver a working application (Nutrino, online). In addition, there are institutions such as Institute for Functional Medicine and organizations such as Welltok, IBM Watson, and Medtronic that have partnered with the organization. The application uses a technology that the developer named FoodPrint that uses predictive analytics to get the knowledge on how an individual’s health can be affected by food.  For correct predictions, the application fully relies on activity sensors, wearable devices, medical devices, and other biomarkers. Nutrino developed the application specifically for people with diabetes. The application is an advanced version that uses application programming interface (API), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and mathematical models to add additional layers of metadata on every food item (Nutrino, online). The application is available to its customers as a paid application. Sanders (2008, p.7) defines API as an application program that allows one application to communicate with other applications. The application is programmed in a way that it collects information from other biomarkers to provide personalized and contextual food suggestions to the user. The application is an important tool in today’s healthy living choices.

I used the application and I liked several of its features. The features the app offers to all users, include personalized meal recommendations, suggestions on where to eat out, and daily health tips that are based on individual taste preferences and dietary restrictions. The application through its user interface is able to drive better-eating choices that are personalized in reference to the user’s daily food diet. The application is able to use technology to understand the foods that a user eats. The application derives its advanced technology from optimization theory, machine learning, and big data (Nutrino, online). Another feature that is adorable for the diet application, is that it helps build meal plans for a user. These plans are good healthy decisions that are primarily based on a user’s nutrition goals and personal fitness achievements. Therefore, the application has reduced the need and saved time for people to visit their nutrition advisors. Furthermore, the application has improved the decision-making process for people in nutrition watch as they are able to easily manage their diets with minimal cost and stress.

The application has improved the meal planning tools over time compared to similar applications on the market. The tool now caters for all nutrition goals such as gaining weight, losing weight, eating healthy, building muscle, and many other goals. In addition to this cool feature, the app is able to track the fitness and activities that its user is involved. The user through the personal interface is able to sync their fitness tracker, RunKeeper account, HealthKit, Apple watch, or Fitbit. Adding to its healthy management list.