IRHR 2270 – Introduction to Human Resource Management: Design an employee engagement/attitude survey.

IRHR 2270 – Introduction to Human Resource Management: Design an employee engagement/attitude survey. 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

This portfolio comprises 3 parts, comprising each of 2 tasks. The tasks will need to be uploaded to the Assignments/Turnitin area of Blackboard and are due as outlined below.


Each task will be based around the following scenario and material may be drawn from the textbook, lectures and other reliable sources.  Feel free to use creativity and invent any necessary detail.  You do not need to reference individual tasks but may like to list the sources consulted.   Each item should be no longer than two pages maximum (i.e. 2 pages maximum for the job description, 2 pages maximum for the job advertisement etc.).




You are a newly recruited Human Resources Officer at a large engineering and infrastructure organisation. The organisation has been contracted to take on several large construction projects across several locations in the Asia Pacific region. You have been charged with the responsibility of recruiting a new management team of Team Leaders (Managers) to head these projects.


Several positions are available, with Team Leaders (Managers) responsible for large teams of employees (at each location). Team Leaders (Managers) will be responsible for overall project management of the construction at their own location.


Locations: China, Singapore; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Philippines; Malaysia; India; Indonesia; South Korea; Thailand; Australia.


Duties include (but are not limited to): managing large teams of employees, working to a scheduled timeframe, maintaining budgets, working with subcontractors, ensuring workplace health and safety standards, and liaising with various all levels of management and government authorities.


Team Leaders (Managers) report to the: President, Asia-Pacific through their Area/Regional General Managers.

 Complete the following tasks in order to recruit & select the appropriate staff. In addition, you are required to design a performance management review document; and Employee Engagement/Attitude Survey and Exit Questionnaire:


  • PART A  DUE TO BE LODGED THROUGH BLACKBOARD BY 11.59pm SUNDAY WEEK 6 [Lodge all parts of PART A as one file]


  • PART B DUE TO BE LODGED THROUGH BLACKBOARD BY 11.59pm SUNDAY WEEK 10 [Lodge all parts of PART B as one file]


  • PART C DUE TO BE LODGED THROUGH BLACKBOARD BY 11.59pm SUNDAY WEEK 12 [Lodge all parts of PART C as one file]


Remember to lodge as a single file each time (i.e. do not merge Part A, Part B, and Part C into the one document).


Each Part of the Portfolio (PART A) plus (PART B) plus (PART C) is worth 10 marks (each task 5 marks) for a combined total of 30 marks.



PART A  Sunday Week 6
Task 1 – Job Description
Write a job description for the team leader position.
Task 2 – Job Advertisement
Write a job advertisement for the position.



PART B    Sunday Week 10
Task 3 – The Selection Interview Panel
3.1 List and justify the persons on the selection interview panel and
3.2 write the interview questions
Task 4 – Performance Management review
Design a performance appraisal record for use in a performance appraisal interview.


PART C    Sunday Week 12
Task 5 – Employee Engagement/Attitude Survey
Design an employee engagement/attitude survey.
Task 6 – Exit Interview Questions and Questionnaire
List and justify the method and questions used for an exit interview for the position.