Jay Potter Tipping

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Tipping refers to a small amount of money or present that is directly given to an individual who performs a meal service or even a menial task. In the article authored by Jay Potter about effects of abolishing tipping, the writer provides various ways in which the practice can be a controversy in the current world market. According to the article, tipping causes income disparity among workers such as the servers and cooks in a restaurant.  They typically make similar minimum and base salaries, but the servers may keep all the tips provided by the customers.

The author also illustrates how workers can improve their performance if they do not always worry about their compensation. One of them is ensuring that the employees get compensated by the organization and not the consumers. That eliminates interruption of work as they perform their duties caused by payment issues. He provides an example on how at his former workplace, they had a payment system that follows precise basic patterns helped the employees understand the importance of their services and that they are expected to perform their best. According to Jay, having ways that are well established for compensation enables workers not to always think about salary and they merely focus on carrying out their tasks efficiently.

The author also backs his observations up by mentioning that numerous studies have portrayed that tipping may not be a sufficient incentive which boosts the performance of employees. Furthermore, research has shown that in a system based on tips, white servers tend to make more than the non-white peers for an equal amount of work. Moreover, there have been numerous cases where employers have misused the tip credits which lets them pay the servers a much less wage in case tipping makes up for that difference.

Personally, I thought that tipping is a positive feature that motivates employees and boosts their performance. However, my perception on the matter has changed attributed to the article by Jay Porter. Tipping may have an increased number of downsides than benefits, For instance, issues like gender and race may feature into an individual’s tips bringing about unequal pay. Policies can be used to eliminate tipping by increasing service fees paid by the customers and distributing it to the staff members.