LBA II- Perception of Leadership Style: MANA 4385

LBA II- Perception of Leadership Style: MANA 4385 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch
Assume you the leader are involved in each of the twenty situations presented in LBA II (see link above for the “LBAII Self form”). READ each item carefully and THINK about what you would do in each circumstance. Then CIRCLE the letter of the alternative that you think would most closely describe your behavior in the situation presented. Circle only one choice. For each situation, interpret key concepts in terms of the environment or situation in which you most often think of yourself assuming a leadership role. Say, for example, an item mentions subordinates. If you think that you engage in leadership behavior most often as an organization manager, then think of your employees or staff as subordinates. If, however, you think of yourself as assuming a leadership role primarily as a parent, think of your children as your subordinates. As a teacher, think about your students as subordinates.

Note: For this course, MANA 4385 use the material in Chapter Three of the text, The Leadership Experience by Richard Daft, 7th Edition, pp69-72, to further assess the “follower readiness” of the subordinates that you considering (NOTE: LSI 3.2, “Are You Ready?” enhances our personal awareness in this area) DO NOT CHANGE your situational frame of reference from one of the twelve situation to the other. BE Consistent. Separate LBA II instruments may be used to examine your leadership behavior in a many different settings as think helpful

WA#2 – Written Assignment (3 to 4 pages Essay Form)

In a brief essay, summarize the results of your LBA II- Perception of Leadership Style.. Set the stage! Describe your leader role and context. Describe the organization. Describe your “followers” and their follower readiness. (What were your strengths? What were your weaknesses? Were you surprised by any of the results? In what areas do you need to develop and improve to accomplish your Leadership Development Objectives? [As detailed in WA1?]). What actions do you plan to take to increase your competencies in these areas? Over what time frame? Attach a copy of the LBA II Scoring-A ( pp 2-4) Pages to your