LEADERSHIP STRATEGIC AND CHANGE 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Word Limit: 2000 words (Plus or minus 10%)
Learning outcomes assessed:
1. Explain and critically analyse the concepts of leadership and management and
their application in an organisational, social, environmental and multicultural context
2. Evaluate how organisational policies fit with the company’s HR strategy and its
overall business strategy
3. Develop change management strategies to support the business in gaining
competitive advantage
Assignment Questions Individual Coursework: 2000 words (± 10% acceptable)
Learning Outcomes Assessed: LO:2 Evaluate how organisational policies fit with the company’s HR strategy and its overall business strategy.
LO:3 Develop change management strategies to support the business in gaining competitive advantage.
Summary of the Article: The CIPD’s Rapid Evidence Review (December 2017) on the ‘Impact of artificial intelligence, robotics and automation technologies on work highlights the statement below: In the healthcare sector, there has been considerable interest in the usage of robot-assisted surgical procedures. Robot-assisted surgery is less invasive and patient recovery times appear to be shorter (Collins et al 2016 – category 1; Zaghloul and Mahmoud 2016 – category 1). It has been suggested that robotic surgery may be easier for a surgeon to learn without the need for long cognitive training; however, these hypotheses have not been tested (Bocci et al 2013 – category 1). Dilsizian and Siegel (2014 – category 2)
identify a number of challenges for the widespread uptake of AI in healthcare environments. Making the financial case for investments in AI may be challenging for some healthcare organisations when competing with alternative financial pressures. This challenge may be exacerbated because of medico-legal and regulatory concerns regarding liability for misdiagnosis or incorrect treatment recommendations. Further, the development of AI software may be inhibited by privacy and security concerns of providers that hold the electronic health records of patients……

Assignment: You are required to answer the given tasks with reference to the given article. You should support your views with further research, theories and models studied in class.
Task-1: Critically evaluate and analyse the impact(s) and implication(s) on Strategic Human Resources Management of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the UK health sector. Your analysis should reflect on HR functions and HR policy formulation within a business context. (50 marks)
Task-2: From your evaluation and analysis above, and with reference to Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, recommend an effective change management strategy to senior managers within the UK health sector. Your recommendation should make use of a relevant change management model. . (50 marks)

Suggested Assignment Structure
•Executive summary: This should include a summary of key concerns and benefits of AI; A few key areas where AI might replace human resources in the future; and ways in which managers will need to position their businesses to accommodate changes that the introduction of AI would bring to business in the future. (This is not included in the word count)
• Introduction: Provide a brief overview of the workforce of the UK health sector; introduce the meaning and types/forms of AI; summarise the tasks and how you intend to approach them (200 words approx)
• Main body: In this section you should outline the pros and cons of AI, and the likely impact on the future of work and workforce within the UK health sector. You should also identify and discuss how present HR strategy might change as a result of the introduction of AI in the sector. You should discuss how such a change may impact on the implementation of HR policies and organisational strategy; and how managers should manage the change.
Task-1: Identify types of AI that may change the way work is done within the health sector; discuss how HR policies will change as a result of the introduction of AI; analyse how the change will affect business strategy (800 words approx)
Task-2: Use Lewin’s Force Field theory to analyse the likelihood for change; Use any of the change models taught in class to design a change implementation (800 words approx)
• Summary and Conclusion: Reiterate your main findings and conclude with your strategic recommendations (200 words approx)
• Bibliography Please note, you are required to support your answers with more information & research beyond the given referenced article. Any additional sources need to be cited in the main body of your writing and also in your bibliography.