Lloyd Searight; Guiding Strength

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Essay on; Frank Norris’s, ‘A man’s woman’. Please see attached file for essay directions and topic proposal which I submitted. if you have any questions please contact. The essay does not have to follow the topic proposal exactly but closely, please only use the sources provided.

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A Man’s Woman is a book whose central themes are the characteristics of women, how men and women are different in characters, and how this difference in their characters make males and females different. The main characters in the book by Frank Norris are Ward Bennett, Richard Ferriss, and Lloyd Searight. Bennett is ugly, strong, brutal and huge in size. He is also the leader of a group who had gone expedition in the snow in the Artic. Ferriss is the assistant to Bennett, and they lead the team from Artic to the North Pole. Both Ferriss and Bennett are in love with a beautiful woman, Lloyd Searight, but none of the two has declared his love to her. Lloyd Searight is a wealthy woman as she owns some railroad stocks and she believes she has a calling to be a nurse. She is also the founder of a nursing agency where she practices her calling as a nurse at the agency. Lloyd Searight is seen to be principled, hardworking and a competent nurse, and has no weaknesses. Her physical description is that of a tall beautiful woman with a vigorous build and a serious face.  She loved her work earnestly and the desire to succeed made her a name as a great nurse while she fights death and diseases. As events unfold in the novel, we come to learn that Lloyd Searight had some weaknesses. Some of her weaknesses are exposed as terror seemingly grabs her at random, exposing the fear of failure, of a broken heart, of losing the fight against death of a patient.  She seems to lose all strength when confronted by Bennett, as he prevents her from attending to her patient resulting in the patient’s death.  Therefore as a female protagonist, Lloyd has some weaknesses and strength in her.

Lloyd Searight’s Strength

The physical features that Lloyd Searight possesses and her determination are of a typical heroine. Despite her having lots of money, she decides to build a nursing agency. These actions, show how strong and determined she was to achieve her dreams despite her being a woman, “She is determined to succeed by all means. Her inner persistence, her strong refusal to give up, whatever the case, her determined power of struggle, her firmness of her preferred course, came to her support as she moved near to the spot where on the battle would be fought. Mentally she braced herself, holding back with all her fine, hard-tempered, and native strength” (189).

When Ferriss was on the hospital bed sick of typhoid, Lloyd gave herself courage from her training and experience that she would be able to heal the sick Ferriss. Ferriss had told a lie to Bennett about Lloyd, but Lloyd was ready to forget all the small life things to help him get better, a clear indication of the strength she had in herself. “And, once again, never so strong, glorious and fine. Her impressive independence, her pride in her strength. Her, indomitable self-reliance soared in her breast, leaped and stood strong, hard as tempered steel, head to the Enemy, courageous to the assault, rebellious, steady, unshaken in its resolve, undefeated in the unwavering persistence of its purpose” (195).