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Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the various aspects of the Medford Historical Society and Museum. Some aspects you should discuss include, but are not limited to, museum budgeting and finances, museum attendance, community outreach, maintenance, and the museum collection. In what ways is the museum doing well? In what ways does the museum need to improve? What steps is the museum taking to make improvements? What suggestions do you have that could improve the museum? You can find all of the information needed to complete this paper at the Medford Historical Society’s web site.

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Founded in 1896, the Medford Historical Society is a non-profit organization aimed at collecting, preserving and promoting Medford’s history.  The society volunteer organization has a Board of Directors mandated to learn the daily activities of the society.  The society membership is estimated at 200. The headquarters is located at 10 Governors Avenue at a house constructed in 1916.  The house acts as a research center and a museum for collected artifacts.  Recently, the organization added the word Museum to its name to help recognize the volume and large holding of historical objects and artifacts exhibiting Medford History.  The organization changed the name to Medford Historical society and Museum in 2013.  The papers will analyze the museum’s strength, weakness, and recommendation for improvement.

The Medford Historical Society and Museum (MHSM) accomplish extraordinary prosperity. However, the society underwent serious lean time and difficulties. The society experiences the ebbs and flows in membership numbers, program attendance, finances, progress in cataloging and making accessible to its collection[1].  The organization managed to achieve big despite the many difficulties. There are skilled and committed cadres of volunteers. However, the requirements of the building and collection exceed funds and person-power.


The financial management of the museum comprises of budgeting and fundraising. The fundraising is an essential part of the museum. The facility receives funds in form of grants, major donations, holding major events and new income streams. Financial management help in monitoring, budgeting and paying for the expenses incurred. The financial department process income and plan on how to invest the savings, filing tax returns and other legal forms[2]. The company observes integrity, accuracy as laid down in accounting standards and procedures.  The MHSM financial managers ensure a debt-free organization and are able to meet the basic financial obligations such as publications, program and office administration.

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