Optimal Healing Environment Transformation

Optimal Healing Environment Transformation 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch


I would like a US writer with English as their first language.
Showcase your critical thinking skills that are required for masters level work.
Please follow instructions attached below. I have included some answers in red to questions required for this paper. Please only use these answers as brief guidelines.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Please follow attached rubric.

Based on your readings this week, and your experience creating an OHE in the previous activity, write a 3 to 4-page paper answering the following questions:

  • What is the current healthcare area in which you work? I work in Medical Surgical unit at a rural hospital as a Registered Nurse
  • What is your level of responsibility in your current practice? I am a Charge Nurse
  • How does the environment you created (in exercise above) compare to your current practice environment?


This is the environment I created in my exercise for a 68 yr old female patient who is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, dehydration, major depression.


Patient: 68yr-old Woman

  • Background Noise:Classical
  • Lighting:Natural Sunlight
  • Aromatherapy:Lavender
  • Room Color:Green
  • Patient’s Bed:Colorful Sheets
  • Activities:Books
  • Artwork:Nature Scenes



In comparison to my current facility- every room is private and has a large window with views of nature

Provides access to nature based artwork

Access to nature in the architecture of the building, green area with a garden

The waiting areas has comfortable couches, fireplace, books, magazines, soft classical music playing at all times.

All rooms are remodeled and pain color is lighter green



  • How does the Integrative Nursing Environment (presented in the chapter which most closely resembles where you work) compare to your current practice?
    • Similarities? Everything else listed above is similar
    • Differences? The hospital I work at does not provide aromatherapy
  • What do you see as your role in transforming your current healthcare environment to an OHE?
  • Who will you include in this transformation?
    • Do you see this as a collaborative effort?
    • If so, who are the players you will include?

Assignment Guidelines and Instructions:

General Paper Outline

  1.  Overview of Optimal Healing Environments
  • Define OHE
  • Summarize key concepts to consider when creating an OHE
  1.  Comparison of current or most recent work environment with newly created OHE
  • In-depth discussion of current or most recent work environment Please use work environment of a Medical Surgical unit
  • Detailed description of current or most recent position and level of responsibility Please use level of responsibility as a registered nurse and charge nurse
  • Detailed comparison of current (or most recent) work environment and newly created OHE

III.    Integrative nursing principles

6 Principles

1.Human beings are whole systems inseparable from our environments

2.Human being have the innate capacity for health and wellbeing

  1. Nature has healing and restorative properties that contribute to health and wellbeing

4.Integrative nursing is person centered and relationship based

5. Integrative nursing is informed by evidence and uses the full range of therapeutic modalities to support/augment the healing process, moving from least intensive and invasive to more, depending on need and context

6. Integrative nursing focuses on the health and wellbeing of caregivers as well as those they serve


  • Describe the 6 principles of integrative nursing and their relationship with OHE


Please elaborate  on 6 principles listed above and their relationship with OHE.


  • Discuss specific similaritiesbetween integrative nursing environment and current work environment (look for different examples of settings in the required readings) My current work environment provides music therapy, guided imagery, certified massage therapy




  • Discuss specific differencesbetween integrative nursing environment and current work environment (include a minimum of 2 principles considered when describing the differences)


1.My current work environment is 50 bed rural hospital that includes Emergency room, Medical Surgical, Labor & Delivery and Postpartum. My organization does not Serve as learning laboratory for the sponsor organizations- integrating new systems and processes when it is the right thing to do and utilizing existing systems where appropriate due to lack of funding and resources. ( Please elaborate more on this difference}


  1. Due to our rural location our facility has lack of resources. So we don’t have the opportunity to use all resources and responsibly- remembering the impact of the overall financial health of the organization. ( Please elaborate on this is difference keeping in consideration the size and location of the hospital





  1.  Connections to leadership [discussion of leadership role and plan for transforming to OHE environment]
  • Detailed discussion of the role of the leader in transforming your specific environment into the OHE created
  • Detailed plan for transformation of current work environment to OHE




References should use at least 5 references including relevant chapters in the required text, current articles [5 or less years old] on healing environments, and other appropriate, scholarly resources.

Length of Paper:

  • 4 pages of text (this EXCLUDES the Title page and Reference page) [Writing tip: one page per category]
  • 1 Title page
  • 1 Reference page

Paper Formatting: Please use standard APA format

  • Font: 12 pt. New Times Roman
  • Margins: one inch
  • Title page
  • Reference page