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MLA research essay, about how orientalism is portrayed in terms of the video in the current link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xXzzmOZP_RI

Thesis on how orientalism is shown in the video and how westerners are racist against arabs (come up with 3 points for the thesis), and each point for each body paragraph, and cite the video

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Orientalism can be described as a way of viewing that visualizes, stresses, exaggerates and alters dissimilarities of Arab people and beliefs to that of the United States of America and Europe. It commonly encompasses viewing the Arab culture as unusual, recessive, isolated and at sometimes very dangerous. Orientalism started very long ago from the time of European illumination and colonization of the Arabs. Early Orientalism is evident in European paintings and images while in the United States, it is evident in photographs which are reserved in Museums. Currently, Orientalism is seen in the way Europeans and Americans handle Arabs. For example, the Arabs visit Europe or America where they undergo thorough security checkup at the airports because they are perceived to be very dangerous. This piece of work will give a critique on how Orientalism is shown in the video provided for this assignment. Orientalism in this video can be seen in the way the Arab man in the video is dressed up, in the act of blowing himself in a car and the fact that he is walking alone.

Dressing Style of the Arab man

In the video provided by VW AD (2013), the Arab man is dressed up in clothes which are only alleged to be worn by Arab people only. He has wrapped around his neck with a sheet or cloth that only the Arabs wears, also, the man is in dark glasses implying he is trying to hide his face from the public. It is a rare occasion to find a European or an American wrapping such as sheet around his or her neck or wearing dark glasses unless it is a ravishing summer day. European and Americans perceive such clothing styles as outdated and uncivilized, however, on the other hand, the Arabs always oppose this idea by maintaining their way of dressing even if they visit the western countries. Therefore the Arabs dressing styles shows how the western people are racist against the Arabs.