Personal statement

Personal statement 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch
Personal Information · Nationality: Saudi

· Date of Birth: 11-April-1986.


Education · Level 112 from ELS Language Center, Chicago, Nov 2017 until Aug 2018

· Bachelor’s Degree in Geophysics from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. Feb 2010.


Work Experience · Data Integrity Officer at Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Company. 21/Feb/2016 until 17th Sep 2018.

· QC Geophysicist at Arabian Geophysical & Surveying Company. from Jan /2013. (Offshore – Onshore) to Feb/2016.

· Geophysicist at Saudi Geological Survey from Mar 2012 to Dec 2012.

· Front Office Agent at the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company. From Jul 2011 to Mar 2012.

·  Geologist at Almoagel for Well Drilling Company. From April 2011 to July 2011.

· Front Office Supervisor at Coral Suliemaniah Hotel from May 2010 to Mar 2011.

·  Receptionist at Boudl for Hotel and Hotel Suites in Riyadh, Feb 2009 to April 2010.

· Sales Representative and Marketing with Travel and Tourism International Network Agency, July – Sep 2008.


Courses · ULTRASEIS from CGG University, France. 7th to 11th Sep 2015.

· VIBROTECH from CGG University, France.  Aug 31 to 4th  Sep 2015.

· Production Tools & Methods for Field Geophysicists from CGG University, France. 24th to 28st Aug 2015.

· IT/Network for Geophysicists from CGG University, France. 17th to 21st Aug 2015.

· Advance Field Processing from CGG University, France. Oct 2014.

· Comp TIA Linux from AL Khaleej Training Center. Dec 2013.

· Geophysicist Field Induction from CGG University. France Aug-Sep 2013.

· Financial Intelligence, Oct 2013.

· Skills of Problem Solving from SciTech AL Khobar, Oct 2013.

· Quality Management, Sep 2013.

· Public Relations Management, Sep 2013

· Sales & Marketing Skills, Sep 2013.

· Human Resources Management Skills, June 2013,

· Basic Offshore Safety Induction Emergency Training, April 2013.

· 3D Seismic Data Acquisition on Modern Technologies from SEG, April 2013.

· Personal Planning Course from Gulf Board for Human Development, Aug 2012.

· Herman Brain Dominance Instrument, 16-17 May2012.

· Eighteenth Session of Fundamental of Protection against Ionizing Radiation from King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in June 2011.

· Radiation Protection Officer Certificate from Technology Experts Company.April2011.

· Manufacturing Success Course from king Saud University in 2006.



MEMBERSHIP · A Member of Saudi Society Geosciences (SSG)

· A Member of Dhahran Geology Society (DGS)

CONFERENCES · Attending Geo (2008 – 2010 – 2014) Exhibition at Kingdom of Bahrain.

· Attending the Saudi Meeting on Oil and Natural Gas Exploration Technologies


· Attending the Third Saudi Conference sciences 2007.

Languages · Arabic, Native Speaker.

· English, (Reading, Writing & Speaking)

Skills · Prioritizing my Responsibilities so that I have a Clear Idea of Work-Related Issues.

· Outstanding Communication Skills, Multi Task Person, Active with Ability to Work in Multicultural & Multinational Environment.

· Microsoft Office Applications.

· Coordination and Organization.

Hobbies Reading, Traveling, Sport and Participate in Social Activities.