Post-Observation (Reflection) Questions

Post-Observation (Reflection) Questions 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Post-Observation (Reflection) Questions


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Please plan to email the following to your observer within two (2) days from the date of your observation.  Your reflection on the observed lesson, should include evidence related to the Danielson domains used in the lesson as well as any changes you would make in the future when teaching this lesson (please refer to the specific domain and component when providing this reflection).





1. Based on what you stated you wanted your students to know and be able to do (Learning
Target), please describe the evidence of student learning that you collected that informs you of what the students learned that class period.


The learning target for this lesson was clear and practice. I wanted students by the end of class to   be able to explain how a break in the chain of infection can have an effect on the spread of infection. Also, to define the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and explain what Standard Precautions were and lastly how to perform hand washing to determine if there technique was effective in killing germs. Based on these learning targets I was able to collect evidence of student learning in many forms. First, when students answered their “Do Now” question they were able to link different causes of infection and where the break in the chain of infection was interrupted. Students relate these breaks to the spread of infection through verbal understanding, well as completing ICEV project assessment. Students were also tested on hand washing during clinical skills. All students passed the skill portion with 100% accuracy. Skill guidelines are a check list which allowed for individually assessment of each students understanding of proper technique. Evidence of learning was also apparent when students were able to self correction while testing. Student hands were assessed under ultraviolet lights to enforce that washing hands properly had a hug effect on killing germs and preventing the spread of infection. To summarize students used white boards to summarize understanding about the CDC and why standard precautions were implemented to prevent the spread of infection as well and assess if hand wash technique washes effective in killing germs. In groups of 4 Students talked about what the possible factor could have been that contribute to the spread of infection during exposure and what they could have done to minimize it in the future, white boards were used.





2. What evidence that you collected from the lesson will inform your planning for future lessons?



The evidence I collected from this lesson guides my future lesson by determining if students understood the content. Infection control and standart precautions are the base steps in providenig safe care to patients. Student must have a clear understanding of the dangers of spreading infection in a hospital setting and ways to prevent it. A clear understand of this concept is the premises for all future learning in the health care setting. Determining if students are able grasp this understanding, allows for use to proceed with core curriculum



4a 3. Which actions that you planned were the most helpful for your students in mastering the content?


The use of a lotion that activated the under ultraviolet light, demonstrates how without knowing and without malice infection can be spread. When students were able to see that  they were infected without knowledge, they were able to fully understand how a break in the chain of infection can happen easily. It reflected on the important maintaining a good standard of precautions in their work area and the important for patient safety. Skill testing also gave the student the ability to demonstrate their understanding and  practice what they have learned.





4a 4. If you had the chance to teach this lesson again, how would you keep, change, or modify the lesson to maximize student learning?


 Reflecting on this lessons learning target and the outcome of this lesson, If I could make improvements I would have had a student demonstrate hand washing techniques as I did, but to break it up a bit I would have had the steps of hand washing scrambled and using the white boards in groups of 4 correctly list the steps and the first to complete the task would win and get to do the demonstration. Over all I feel this lesson was a success and student received the information with a god understanding.