purpose of the proposed Texas law

purpose of the proposed Texas law 150 150 Affordable Capstone Projects Written from Scratch

Government 2306, Fall 2018

  1. Laughlin


Due:  October 10th

Writing Assignment


Your assignment is to use the Texas Legislature’s website to track, and read news media articles about, Senate Bill 3 which was proposed during the first Special Session of the Texas Legislature in 2017.  You will write four double-spaced pages (1000 words minimum) outlining your understanding of the purpose of the proposed law, the progress it made in the Legislature, arguments for and against it that were made during the legislative process, the significance of the fact that it was raised during a Special Session, and a brief conclusion outlining your opinion on the proposed law.  Any fact-based or evidence claims should be supported with citations.


Grammar and spelling will count as 10% of your grade.  Please consult the Writing Lab tutors on any ACC campus for assistance if you face challenges in these areas.  The Writing Lab is a free service available to all students.



The Texas Legislature’s website – www.capitol.state.tx.us – will serve as a good starting point.


1st – Use the “bill search” function to find SB3 in the 85(1) Session of the Legislature.  Click on the “text” tab to read the analysis of the bill.  Then read the witness list to see what kinds of people from what kinds of organizations registered or testified in favor of or as opposed to the bill.  Are you surprised by who supported or who opposed the bill?


2nd – Click on the “actions” tab to see a summary of the lawmaking process for this bill. Connect what you see here to the process we discussed in class.  Click on the “bill stages” tab and do the same.


3rd – Search for news media articles about the “bathroom bill” or “Senate Bill 3” to learn more about the legislative process during the 2017 regular and special sessions of the Legislature.  How did the business community feel about the bill?  Was support for the bill divided along political party lines?  What were the roles of the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House?  What is the significance of the fact that a similar bill was introduced during the regular session of the Legislature?


4th – Consider your opinion about the proposed law based on what you knew prior to the assignment and what you have learned during the process.  Has your opinion changed or stayed the same?